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    Mist Beta is live!

    don't have one yet, but it'll come, and not interested. I will get enough time with the new content after it goes live. I appreciate those who help make that experience bug free though...
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    Fellow Geeks - Windows 8 Preview?

    and with that... thread died. :)
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    Hunters: Buff incoming in 4.3.2

    Thanks Adam, nice read. Good thing I had just respeced into SV again (my fav dungeon/raid spec).
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    Color me disappointed!

    So could I after the maintenance was up. Though by then my available time had nearly vanished. Oh well, I bet WoW will be around when i get some more time :)
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    Color me disappointed!

    Been into Skyrim and long family vacations the past couple months so haven't played the latest content at all... So I find out I am going to be home the whole day, on a Wednesday no less. Downloaded a completely fresh WoW game to a new laptop. Logged in a few days ago to make sure everything...
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    Terrorpene - Hunter Pet

    I kept my hunter there for a few weeks whilst playing alts. Every once in a while I just did a quick log in / check for him and got lucky after a bit - no NPC scan used, he is fairly obvious when he is actually there.
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    Skyrim - oh my

    Well, I made an attempt at advancing the main quest chain yesterday. Four hours later, I had done exactly one main quest step - got distracted by some Daedra quests from a monument in the middle of nowhere, a few ruins, some bandits leading to a Dwarven ruin and another shout etc. On Morrowind...
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    Skyrim - oh my

    Lvl 35 - having a hard time completing any long quest series because there is SO MUCH AWESOMENESS in between :) I am not sure I really want to estimate the number of hours I have spent (kinda like WoW), but the number is huge. And I REALLY want to roll a new toon to follow a completely different...
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    Skyrim - oh my

    The sluggish mouse caused me much frustration at first, ruining my enjoyment. I chose to downgrade the graphics a tad which resolved the sluggish mouse. Since then, to be honest, I have had a hard time pulling myself away, let alone even thought of WoW or the latest 4.3 patch. There is so much...
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    Skyrim - oh my

    THIS is where I have been spending my time lately. I have been a fan of the previous Elder Scroll games, and this one seems to have gotten everything right.
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    Arcane Mage

    For my mage its '2', I don't know where your getting your information bub, but '2' is the more properly configured button for that spell. Anyone who says its '1' just isn't doing it right, and needs to study up on the spec a bit more.
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    Next Mage Table?

    Rice cakes
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    PTR - End of Time

    I have read a few reviews about the new instance, and everyone says its easy, but everyone also runs it with BiS gear. I would like to see a review or experience from someone who runs it in more normal gear. Thanks for bringing this up. Decent level of interest here for sure.
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    Need some UI tweaking

    Again I ask - what do you use for target frames?
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    Need some UI tweaking

    I too am a addonaholic, currently in my minimalistic phase. Every couple of patches I get frustrated by all the updating required and go for the minimum addon roll out. Then I see pictures of others, start dreaming and BAM right back to full customization. What addon do you use for your targeting?
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    New Hunter pets coming in Patch 4.2!

    Wind serpent used to do a sort of dodge and duck backwards as its lightning breath (at the time) required a certain range. It was possible then to keep him at range and never engage directly. However there is currently no pet I am aware of who will nicely stay at range, unless you park them...
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    Spartanui and LUI ....

    OK, I am intrigued.... please let me know how this ui is going for you
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    Zul'Aman or ZG H Run: Tonight (4/27) @ 8PM Server

    oh, already signed up in game for dps on my mage, oh well, lets see if it works :)
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    I'm not sure what to do...

    On way to clarify - Micro evolution involves normal variance within a species, yet the organism's with differing traits may still theoretically breed and produce offspring. I use the term theoretically here, because while a male great dane can breed with a dachshund, the result would kill the...
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    New patch info

    Patch 4.1.11 eh? why does that particular patch number seem significant.....?..?..?.. I love the patch notes though. Someone with talent really put some great thought into them :)