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  1. []phantom

    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Dishonored 2, Pokemon Sun and Overwatch.
  2. []phantom


    I may hop on the TS channel, but don't worry if I don't talk much, been playing online games since DN3D and I still don't like talking over mic that much.
  3. []phantom

    Invite to guild?

    Any chance I could get an invite into the GW2 guild? IGN is Wedge Charr.
  4. []phantom

    "Pokemon X/Y" or "My Pokemans, Let Me Show You Them"

    I've finished the game and am trying to finish up the Pokedexs. I've finished the Central Kalos Pokedex, but haven't been in a few days since then.
  5. []phantom

    Considering buying a 3DS XL and/or a Wii U

    Tek gimme your friend code when you get it.
  6. []phantom

    WiiU/3DS Nintendo Chapter Roster and Friend Codes Lists

    ToJ Name: Phantom Preferred Name: Phantom 3DS Friend Code: 4699-6475-0263 WiiU System Code: Location: Ohio I'll find my WiiU one sometime later today too. I only have like 4 games for the WiiU and 3 of them are Wii games though.
  7. []phantom

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    I know its a little late, but I got New Leaf a few days ago. Here's my 3DS Friend Code: 4699-6475-0263
  8. []phantom

    Origin Friend List

    tojphantom is my Origin name.
  9. []phantom

    Team Fortress 2 Trading
  10. []phantom

    Why does BlazBlue have the MArk of the Beast in it?

    *facepalm* Isn't summoning demons to fight for you a major plot point in the Persona series? Slayer from Guilty Gear is a vampire, and Deathbringer from Battle Fantasia is basically the devil.
  11. []phantom

    [Trade] Steam games

    [H] Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (HB Steam Key) Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (HB Origin Key) Dead Space (HB Origin Key) Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (HB Origin Key) Medal of Honor (HB Origin Key) Mirror's Edge (HB Origin Key) Sims 3 Starter Pack (HB Origin Key) [W] Dead Space 2 (Steam)...
  12. []phantom

    Where do you recommend selling games? GameStop is not a valid option. isn't bad, but if you have an F.Y.E. near you they usually give pretty decent prices. That's where I sell my stuff anyway.
  13. []phantom

    [Trade] Steam games

    [H] Walking Dead (Key) [W] Anything from my wishlist, only thing I ask is that if its from a series (i.e. KotOR) its the first in the series not the sequel(s).
  14. []phantom

    Injustice is pure awesomeness!'

    Very good game! Would have loved some finishers like in Mortal Kombat, but fit for a T rated game, otherwise though its pretty awesome!
  15. []phantom

    CGA LAN 2013 in Colorado!

    Very very cool then, wish I could go. Colorado is to far away for me though. :(
  16. []phantom

    Bioshock Infinite

    Played some last night, getting ready to play some more in a few minutes! I love it!
  17. []phantom


    EA Hires Hundreds of Chinese Spammers to Post Positively About SimCity’s Always Online Requirement Following 800 poor reviews, Amazon stops selling download copies of SimCity