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  1. julmay

    Saints of the Old Republic

    Pax East revealed a ton about gameplay. we welcome everyone to drop by our website and discuss what they have seen
  2. julmay

    Hey Grim

    Greetings, there has been a lot of buzz around our forums about members wanting to have Sith alts. we were thinking of trying to send the Sith alts to the Redeemed guild. is there any update on the groups growth and leadership structure at this moment?
  3. julmay

    New to mmo

    yes, my main will b a jedi and my alt will be a heavy ammo trooper. i wanna be a jedi to yield the saber and the force powers. i wanna be a heavy ammo trooper so that i can blow up a small moon with what is in my backpack:) i would say that they cant move fast enough with the development of...
  4. julmay

    New to mmo

    i am a huge Star Wars fan and swtor has sucked me into the mmo genre. i am stoked for the chance to wield my lightsaber in a battle with a few thousand people