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    Sat. 05, Aug. 2017

    I pray the all of us shines for God. And shining brighter today than yesterday.
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    Saturday: July 22, 2017

    Be careful of making a vow. Because you might not be able to keep them. In the case of Jepthathah, he made a vow to God. And his daughter was the price of his vow. Our vow can cause us so much grief. I a few promises to someone in the past which a few I wasn't able to keep. I'm now sad about it.
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    Saturday, July 8, 2017

    Some times we are asked by God to do something illogical. And it can be frustrating at times. But as you read in the next verses, you will see that Naaman was healed. I hope we can build our trust in God by knowing Him and by our experiences in life. Have a great day.
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    [Weekly - F/Sa] Week In Review

    Well the gutter in our home was broken and it flooded the house about a month ago. Man I even slip from the top to the bottom(well almost) of the stairs. Praise God that I didn't need to go to the hospital. Fast forward this week, the gutter have a leak and the person who installed the gutter is...
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    Saturday, July 1, 2017

    Fellowship is important in our walk with God. It shows if we are in the light or not. I pray that all of us have fellowship with one another.
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    Saturday, June 10, 2017

    This is about Elijah being taken to heaven. Read 2 Kings for the full story. There are so many problems life can bring. I admit I'am weak and cannot handle them. Because of constant problems, I don't want to pray as I say to myself why bother God won't answer them anyway. But here I admire how...
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    Another reconstructive foot surgery ...

    Sorry this is happening for a long time. Will pray Echo.
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    Saturday, May 27, 2017

    This is the time when king Ahab was killed. Jehoshaphat, in times of great turmoil, ask guidance to God. Let us not shy away from asking God for help. Whether great or small, He is able to fix it. Pray always even when things are doing great. Honestly I have to do this.
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    Saturday May 13, 2017

    This verse makes a impression in my mind this week. I want to assess myself on what do I do in life? Do I do God's will for me willingly? Am I eager to serve?
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    [Weekly - F/Sa] Week In Review

    This week is a lazy week. Side job didn't pop in. Anyway finished Shantae and the pirate curse game. Someone gave me that game and was very thankful for it. Was very entertaining and reminds me of megaman. I haven't found all the secrets in the game but getting lazy and might just read a...
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    Saturday April 6, 2017

    In verse 7, Jezebel told her husband that you are a king why are sulking? She manage to murder Naboth and get his land for her husband. I hope that we, even when we are in power, should think that we can do anything and get away with the consequences. Sad part is, I feel most people think that...
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    Saturday April 29, 2017

    I find this verse confusing. I feel bad for the one being killed. I just want us to ponder this. This event happened when King Ahab made a treaty with King Ben Hadad. For the purpose of the prophet relaying the message, the verse takes place and the very next person the prophet asked did strike...
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    Saturday April 8, 2017

    In our suffering, we always have hope for God is with us.
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    Saturday April 1, 2017

    God's plan is an enigma for us. And just like the verses above, we are sometimes in a place that we must do something we do not want to. For we are workers of God and if Obadiah didn't call Ahab, How would Ahab and Elijah met in that time? There may be others to do it, but I hope that if God...
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    Saturday March 25, 2017

    Life gets hard and sometimes it just won't go away. Suffering will bring us down. And when a widow lost her son, she is devastated. She questioned Elijah saying "What do you have against me? Is my sin the reason my son died?". Here in the story, the son was brought back to life. If we believe in...
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    Saturday March 4, 2017

    I pray that we know what God wants us to do in this world. Know the gift God gave us for His will. Let us use it for the glory of God.
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    Saturday Feb 18, 2017

    We all have problems. Some might say it is small or big. But all in all never fear for we know God. He has shown himself to us. And He is great enough to help us handle them. Although we have many problems that attack us in all sides, we can say that God is with us and will carry us through any...
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    Saturday: Jan. 28, 2017

    I wish I can say this is true in my life. I hope we be able to praise God when we are happy or sad. Have a blessed day.
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    Saturday: Jan. 21, 2017

    Because of Solomon's sin, Israel was divided. God gave the 10 tribes to Jeroboam and 2 tribes to Rehoboam because of David. Eventhough Jeroboam was chosen by God, He is afraid of what will happen to him. He felt that people will come back to Rehoboam if they go to Jerusalem to worship. So he...