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    Guild First!! LK DOWN!!

    Nice,, way to go!!!
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    Defile awareness is huge, but the most important thing is placement of it.. it does no good if everyone spreads out, but someone gets it and is right where everyone needs to be.. also a big part is stunning the valkyrs... go pally's.. If everyone does this.. phase 2 is pretty easy. You guys...
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    What are you going to level to 85 first?

    You wont be able to resist the cataclysm when you see it on the shelf bro. Why you say? Because you simply will have to know what its like. It will bug you and torment you day and night until you finally log in to the new Azeroth.. Plus we all know you want to be a goblin anyway!~
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    The Lich King must fall to Redeemed

    Whatever.. LOL (inside joke between Dos and I )
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    Which healer addon ?

    I have used all of them, and the best one in my opinion if you want a all in one system is Vudo. It is basically healbot, with its built in grid / clique. The big advantages are that you have your own window for all the tanks apart from the raid, so you always know whats going on with them...
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    Lich King on Monday.

    I will go, oh wait...hehe seriously good luck guys, go get him , and become fellow Kingslayers with me.. Go Redeemed!!!
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    Tots you mean Cheesecake
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    Ruby Sanctum

    Ok this is where Shagz has it good. Beautiful sunshiny days all year around, Warm, clear ocean beaches to play in year around. No extreme heat to deal with, and the best yet, no freezing cold winters. Just wait though bro, i am moving to Maui next summer, and might have to have ya visit.
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    See you guys.....sometime.

    or if you have played wow for over 3 yrs you get an automatic lifetime membership.
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    That's awesome!
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    Just so you guys know, my main is...

    Nice, Sam you always have such a great since of humor, i love that about you, and it always makes my day a little more happier.
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    Hmm i wonder if they will just keep a closed beta till release? I hope there is an open beta.
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    Check this kid out!

    This kid is a 4 yr old drummer, and amazing.
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    Just joined - need help

    Dude just transfer your hunter over here, and i will role my Shammy with you to 80.
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    And the winner is???

    Judge for yourself who the winner is. Very funny.
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    Comon seriously , was there any doubt?
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    Time to take a break

    Love ya dude, and will be waiting for our awesome tank to make a grand return one of these days.. i will miss you tons bro,,,btw just cuz your on a break doesnt mean you cant come in vent and hang out every once in a while.. Dont be a stranger! If you need anyone to talk to you know myself...
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    Easy shagz, just put down the gun.. slowly, thats it slowly.
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    Sablem is back

    U mean hackable?