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    CoR's TF2 server

    coolio :D and i just added your guys server again so we can both help populate each others servers :D
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    Freeware Windows journal program?

    thanks Mr. Ronan :)
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    CoR's TF2 server

    hey just thought i would tell you guys that you are all welcome to join our low ping TF2 server :) we had a great game going last night.
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    Freeware Windows journal program?

    sorry for going off topic but...SHOW ME HOW YOU DID THAT PLEASE!
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    Looking for a good RTS...

    my favorite RTS games are World in Conflict, Red Alert 3, and all the company of heroes games...and i don't like Dawn of War but thats just IMO.
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    empty server?

    i do that all the time :) usually works...and if you just can't get the server full i usually go to the CoR server or the CC servers.
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    L4D Server (subject to change)

    where is the config.cfg file?
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    Want to help out?

    give me something to do for the next 2 months...i can't leave my house for that time due to my health. i can admin servers, im pretty good with numbers, etc...pretty much the only thing i can't do is admin the ts server cause i don't have a mic.
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    Free Webhosting

    no no guys, he wants a real web host! i got ya covered dude:) i have been using for almost a year now and its amazing! the tech support is as good as neweggs 0.0 my website is (i know the site isn't much right now...working on that :P)
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    Pidgin vs. Digsby

    i guess...but if you have 8GB ram, Q9450 w/ liquid cooling, 4870x2 overclocked and a few TB's a badly codded IM program is ok :) Crysis still runs smooth with Visual Studio 08, dreamweaver and digsby running :D but back on topic, digsby.
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    THe open source world jsut changed mightily

    noo! sun has been around forever....i feel like they just gave up, the owner just was tired of running it and wanted a few K's, its just sad :(
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    ToJ TF2 Site

    are you looking for HTML, CSS people to get the site designed?
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    TF2 Patch: Hints at Huge Gameplay Changes

    thats why its scary getting attached to a Valve game...a company that has technology to change their game in a blink of an eye and ruin the whole game...and than since they don't actually contact you after you contact them they will never know that you don't like it and thus won't change it back...
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    Pidgin vs. Digsby

    digsby is more feature rich and pidgin is kind of bland and boring...
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    The Orange Box, only 10 bucks!

    im thinking about opening another steam account and buying this :)
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    serious? lol thats weird, I've fixed 3 old desktops by installing 8.10 on them...never done a laptop though.
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    hescomingsoon (and other members to who's name escape's my mind) i just thought i would tell you guys that you finally persuaded me into using Linux! :D and im glad you did, i have restored many "broken" computers by simply installing Ubuntu 8.10 on them! and now people think im a genius :eek...
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    facebook + political sanity + a heart + a red envelope + mail box lets make this the biggest silent american protest ever. :flag_usa: if you have no facebook than read this: = maybe, one day, a better America.
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    The Specialists

    Woah, i thought everyone forgot about this game! i use to play this all the time, if you guys want to play some time add me: gondortrooper