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    FAREWELL Cgalliance/TOJ forum

    I am sad to say this but I feel that some of the non-christian sites and alliances would surely have reason to dislike CHRISTIANS or those that use the label from some of the behavior I've seen on the WoW forum lately. I'm not perfect and never claimed to be, but from my understanding a good...
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    A Friends life.

    Very sorry to hear about your friend. We will surely be praying for her family and praying for you. We don't always know why these things happen, but it's often much sadder for the ones that are left behind than the ones that have passed on. ((((ODALE))))
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    wow login servers down?

    others having trouble it seems Jaz, I was able to get on but it took a bit. Hubbie got on a few secs and then was booted. Shortly after he was booted so was someone else. I think there is some thing going on but not sure what. Ruthee
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    Shunning Proof...

    THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE LET US REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT!!! "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11 I originally wrote an explanation with proof, but decided to revoke it...
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    Changed Guilds

    Best wishes... May GOD richly bless you as you move on a different journey in the gaming realm. =)
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    Christian Guilds

    Hmmmm.... Some pretty harsh words there. When we met in a big guild meeting when some of us decided to come back to Redeemed upon leaving once before we were told that things would change for the better. We were NOT asked to help, although we did offer our help and our feedback in where we...
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    Christian Guilds

    involvement? Well in times past, folks tried to be involved (especially in guild meetings) and were shut down and stifled by leadership. As for stepping up to the plate within Redeemed now and applying for some of the open positions that have finally been posted since folks started HIS on...
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    Christian Guilds

    It's good to see that others do have a thought on this. I agree that the pastor should not be involved with every aspect of the church, and I did not say that. What I did say was, "Leadership should oversee, promote and be actively involved in some way with each group wether it be delegating...
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    Christian Guilds

    You make some good points, but if a guild does not facilitate such groups then the needs go unmet. If leadership promotes only one aspect of gaming that appeals to a particular group of people, they only isolate others in the guild. For everyone to feel as if they are a part of the guild and...
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    Christian Guilds

    I was wondering something about the Christian guilds in WoW. Is there a way for folks to decide wether a certain 'Christian guild' is the right fit for them in the WoW gaming world? I mean is there something set up for folks that are primarily power gamers that would fit them specifically? Is...
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    Midgard and Klangdon need Mara - ZF.

    When??? I'd like to go, but kind of need to know when... =)
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    I'm stepping down.

    Farewell... Bannard, Being GM is not an easy position to hold, but we appreciate all the good things you did for the guild. GOD bless you and your family in all that GOD has for you in the future.
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    People still playing on emerald dream?

    Yeppers, I'm on.... you'll catch me on Emerald Dream whenever I play WoW... Toons are Ruthee and Whisperzz. Hope to see ya there!!!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZMINA, aka Deborah, Sarai, etc... HAVE A BLESSED DAY in HIM!!! :)
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    The new naked mole rat

    Are you kidding me? To be very honest everytime I see that avatar, I have the urge to hurl.... someone please... please....please....give him a better alternative =) :p
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    The new naked mole rat

    GROSSSSSSSS what are they anyway??? :eek:
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    Where oh where is Samuraij???

    We haven't seen him on in awhile... Has anyone heard from him? Just making sure he's okay. Keeping tabs on our brother :)
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    Ice Cream

    Yummy dilly-um-cious....... =P Ice Cream... sure could have used a bowl of that stuff sitting in the traffic last week right before hurricane Rita hit. As a matter of fact they should have been passing it out, as slow as all the cars were moving. Mint Chocholate Chip FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now who...
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    Website Tinkering

    HIS website... It looks awesome Jaz!!! A great starting point for HIS!!! =) WoooooHoooo!!!! :D