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    The Forgiven & Quality Wipes Flex Raiding in Patch 5.4!

    I would love to be there when I don't work nights... I have a 524 shaman (resto) and a 518 SHaman (ele)
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    Cross Realm Raiding

    The reason this doesn't work for the current tier is World and Realm firsts... I know it's silly, but that matters a lot to some people and so Blizz decided they wouldn't let it happen on the current tier. I can't remember where the blue post is for this, but we looked at it before the server...
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    Panda Epicureans: Actual level 90 values for Each stat

    right, but from a pure swing stand point. Pandas are the best. If I play a Pally, a panda is better because I can change the buff by that much just by what I eat. I think that's what they are saying, is the fact that a panda isn't forced to be 1 role as much as your NE and Human. In a ten...
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    BiS Fail PuG group...

    Fail Pug, just give me a number and a if you can what bosses they come from if you can!
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    Quality Wipes in DS

    Grats you all!!!!!
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    Questions about the Christian Gamers Alliance Mumble server

    ok, so I have the port and address right but it keeps saying: "Server connection failed: The remote host closed the connection. " What does that mean, and how do I get around it?
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    Rated Battlegrounds ... Forgiven style!

    I'll try to get geared for them... I would love to pvp, I just don't really know how.
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    Firelands Raid for another Legendary

    Joe, If I'm online, just assume I'm in!!!
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    intrest in Firelands

    fact, Joe is a fail mage... Just saying
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    Fail Pug Group - Essence of Destruction

    Death Scale leggings... Vern. The bracers are great for me too, but I can't find anyone that can make them.
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    Transmogrification runs anyone?

    Hey Eric, if I'm ever on and not raiding I'd love to come along and help you out!!!
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    Fail Pug Raid Group

    please be ready for 4.3 tonight!!!
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    diablo 3 scam

    thanks for the warning Rhys... however can you pull the links out of your post?? thanks!
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    Mike & Bob's Raid: LF a Healy Type (or Maybe Two) on 11/26

    let me figure out my weekend, then I'll let you know Bob, but you can pencil me in
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    Fail Pug Recruitment

    please feel free to chat with either of us with any questions or concerns you might have before saying that you're interrested or not!!!
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    Breaks are Needed

    ok, so I'll ask again... I'm looking for an example of a 3-4 hour situation... The first example, Studying is done in the college setting where (having been a college student, and I'm sure others will tell you) you sit and cram for 5 or 6 hours because you didn't study for a test over the...
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    Breaks are Needed

    Hey Jayse, I wrote a paper on this in college... Something that neither of your links are showing or explaining is that all the research is done on 8-10 hour work days... so while you're moving it into a raiding mindset it all changes. I know on fail pug we only have 3 hours a night (no you...
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    Quality Wipes -- in FL (Raid)

    thanks so much for the fun last night!!!!! it was good to see you guys kill a couple new bosses!!
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    Fail Pug Raid Group

    there's a chance I won't be there tonight... I have had some big issues come up involving my going back to Ohio this weekend, I hope to be there, I'll try to keep you up to date. Gavin can share what's going on in group tonight, prayers would be great.
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    Gotta Catch em All!

    Pokemon and panda's is not geared for adults... if Blizz wants to go that way it's their choice, if the adults playing the game like it, then great. But I think they are trying to hit a new audience and this is their way of getting there.