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    Happy Birthday Strongtower!

    Thank you all very much for the B-Day wishes. :cool:
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    The Great Big I am Attuned Thread

    I am big and attuned btw :).
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    Looking for a Guild without the cussing

    We would love to get to know you and have you in our fam! Send me tell in game on Stonemaul!
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    The person below me...

    False. I have a huge exam on Sunday... The person below me likes to snowboard.
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    Interim Co-GM announcement

    You will fill the position well my friend ;).
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    The person below me...

    False. The person below me doesn't brush their teeth at night.
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    vunderlord, his marriage & wow

    My pastor always says "Wanna learn patience? Then have kids..." I will pray for you Vunderlord. Thanks for bringing the Word. God Bless you and your wife.
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    Quantum's Wedding Photos

    Great Day for the Lord! Grats to you and your lovely wife again!
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    A Story... By Redeemed

    Sometimes the priests like to
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    A Story... By Redeemed

    We all decided to farm
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    Very Serious Poll

    Green is probably going to show some dirt Icthus... More washing involved. Klangdon convinced me to get the brown ram for that reason.
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    Very Serious Poll

    Priest's Mace? Good choice!
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    Just Married

    ALRIGHT!! Praise God!
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    i've missed you all

    /load STrollhax v.1.1
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    i've missed you all

    WOOT! Iyce is back! Missed ya' fella! I have an alt now to ninja loots from ya' so lets run some. Tell Amaziah and Kastria "Hello" for me :).
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    How to 2Man Stockades in under 10 mins

    We could try it Klangdon...
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    A Story... By Redeemed

    data direction register <(DDR?! O.o)>
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    this is craziness

    I can't catch up... I've been reading for way too long sifting through spam like the spam I'm laying down right now...
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    Election of GM's

    Hey guys and gals! Sorry I have'nt been raiding mush lately. Really busy with my thesis and finding upcoming job for next year. (RL gettin in the way)... Also, we have to get the siding on our new church building before winter sets in to strong up here in Wyoming. I would really like...
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    Burning Crusade and changes

    I'll main tank... NP!