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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Can I bring Haveo he dead but he is 80 thats a enough right Bob :O sorry I had to :D
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    Quality Wipes LF a Healer & Tank - 12/16 (AKA: Mike & Bob's Raid)

    b ob y is it you guys are always looking for heals are you that mean to the heals or is it the wipes you cause :O
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    SWTOR beta: a hopefully unbiased review.

    personally I think that it is easy to look at the game and not compare it to how. Now i havent played wow in 18 months and I wont go back but SWTOR would be the game for me if I ever came back I beta tested it loved it. I found it so different on how they did the story lines and the ways...
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    SWTOR beta Review (by me)

    loved the beta testing had some issues with logging out and long que times but it was a great game to play
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    diablo 3 scam

    sorry been gone for a few days lol, also had one show up with the senders real name email or it lol
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    diablo 3 scam

    Diablo III FREE for 90 Days - Offer Expires December 31 Eligibility: You must be 18 years or older, and October 18, 2011 or before registration of the "World of Warcraft" and you continuously use the full version of accumulated more than three months. When you get Diablo III, and other exclusive...
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    Star Wars The Old Republic

    nice hint jason lol
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    ICC 25 continued

    for terenas yes not once you get ina run it moves usually to pst
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    ICC 25 continued

    i read that before I was was just telling him what he can do for his own since he said something about it.
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    ICC 25 continued

    can always set the cloack to show local time not server
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    Sprains and Job Interviews and Moving, Oh My!

    now the stakers come out
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    Looking for a safe guild to join...

    thats true those would hold better aggro :P
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    Looking for a safe guild to join...

    :P are u sure with u eric as tanks I cant see that happening :P
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    Looking for a safe guild to join...

    we are on a us server terenas
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    New patch info

    all great changes :D lol
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    The Forgiven - A Virtua-Biblical Community

    nowt hats is good people stepped up and defended more amazing it wasnt a forgiven member for once. how ever we should note that most of the guild does have trade talk turned off lol.
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    joe, why would you want to run a 25 man run, now days when the loot is the same and you are saved to both if you run a 25 or a 10 man, instead doing 2 10 man runs is a better option in my option and more likely to get enough people to go.
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    yet another new scam for wow emails

    my account has a authenticator on it so I never worry
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    yet another new scam for wow emails

    World of Warcraft - Account Management‏An investigation of your World of Warcraft account has found strong evidence that the account in question is being sold or traded.As you may not be aware of, this conflicts with Blizzard's EULA under section 4 Paragraph B which can be found here: WoW ->...
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    yet another new scam for wow emails

    there one in Account Management