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    Is there a group finder in this game?

    yeah 30 is first one and itisfinished and i are now 30 and will probably be running it tonight
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    Hackers out in full

    I have recieved two emails one actually looks official, open your full header if you are not sure and look at the return path, normally a dead give away.
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    Short Stress time 08.23.12

    thanks almost got in a few minutes, they have wiped characters and I had to chose a server and start a new toon. Btw SOR was a choice of server, just an fyi
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    Knights of the Cross

    Yuppers SOR looks to be the server, I hope to get on a few minutes and save my names but alas I must work this weekend...
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    Guardian Question

    Glad you have it worked out... I am not so sure of mine. I need to play to see if I like this or if it is enough support/damage.;T8Ag2ymEMJtSdliJqsM5I8yek7KZNLLGWM3A
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    What is the most important issue facing the Church today.

    Impossible, to read this and and be a Bible believing, follower of the one true God and not want to debate with some of the ideas I have read. But, I will resist as the orginator asked us not too. I chose false teaching, why? All other problems fall under this topic. God teaches through his...
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    GW2 Start Time

    Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness then permission...
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    Why haven't we designated a Christian server yet?

    Trolls, I have found to be a source of personal entertainment, hehe... You are correct, they will always be there and also a good point, we should in on way fear them. The more they talk to me...the more I get to talk to them. Btw is an admin around, we have another member applying and looking...
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    Knights of the Cross

    keep checking the updates, lots of them so far
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    Why haven't we designated a Christian server yet?

    Well I was in contact with many Christian guilds before SWTOR launched but since have lost contact with them. I can try to dig around for them but everyone was so diappointed about SWTOR that they just kinda fell off. If I can make contact with them I will let them know the server. I just hope...
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    First Character - What Kind of Build Are You Planning on Using?

    Human guardian----heal/dps spec as a compliment to Itis's gaurdian, anyone teaming up with us will be unstoppable.
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    Legacy of Elijah Server Discussion

    I just ask you post the server that you will be on when it is decided maybe in a sticky so it will be easy to find.
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    Desktop or Laptop for GW2 looks like a decent rig motherboard is a bit weak and video card is lower end, but should handle all you stated fine. For the price it would be hard to better it. I have two iBuypowers, like them both.
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    Final BWE Guild Invite List

    Calvary will be thief (i think)
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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    TOJ: <Calvary> in game I hope to be: Calvary
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    Pre-Launch & Launch Day: Servers

    any word on whether or not the 100 cap has been beefed up yet? and what kinda membership we looking at so far?
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    Knights of the Cross

    What are your plans though for GW2? Were you hoping to form your own guild in GW2 with your KotC gang or looking to join us in the Legacy of Elijah? We would love to have you involved and look forward to seeing you around ToJ. -Stc The gang talked about it a bit but we decided that if...
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    Get to Know the Guildies Thread

    Name: Darryl age: 41 Live in NC play with my son a bunch Itisfinished. Born again, Bible believing, Altar raised, saved child of the living God. Played: have played many mmo's still trying to find the perfect match for me...
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    Knights of the Cross

    Hey friend, we are looking to join you guys in GW2. I was the guild leader of KOTC a 170+ member guild in TOR, however we have all stopped playing TOR. I just started a thread so we could all meet up here and see who is named what and so forth. I am looking forward to getting to know the...
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    Knights of the Cross

    Hey guys just starting a thread where all of us from KOTC of SWTOR can reconnect. This is Oholy, if you find this shout out. For non members of KOTC we will get to know you soon we hope just like to get us all together with new names and such so we will know who we are. Later guys and good to...