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    Competitive TDM is back

    Just thought I'd drop by with this link for you. My ex-teammate Nytejade::LOB:: put The Fractionary back online, and High Voltage and a lot of the other competitive TDMers are getting back into the game recently because of it. Now...
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    hi i am FK_nero

    Welcome to our forums Nero. I don't have UT3 installed at the moment, but I hope you enjoy your time here. Anyone who follows the rules of our server is welcome to play with us, Christian or otherwise. Belief is only required for membership, but we know there are lots of different people that...
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    All right, I was given this game as a gift for Christmas from my little brother. I'm looking into getting it running right now, so hopefully once I've figured it out I'll be able to play with TOJ some. It is multiplayer right? I'm understanding this correctly?
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    My marriage could really use some prayer, everybody. Can't go into specifics right now, but pray for clear heads, open hearts, and unfaltering commitment.
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    possible buff/nerf to bots on our server?

    The 2k4 version of UTcomp had custom crosshairs, and the 2k4 ini's also let you define them without the mod. UT3 may or may not be the same way.
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    What is the history of ToJ and Unreal?

    I can't really boil my dislike of UT3 down to one thing. But if I had to pick one main reason I don't like it, it's because they drastically dialed back the amount of tricking possible. It's not a bad game, but it just doesn't compare in depth of movement possibilities to a game like UT2004...
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    What is the history of ToJ and Unreal?

    I can't vouch for the full history of it, but when I got here in 2004 the chapter was well-established. We had an Onslaught server and some of the people played UT99 Invasion. I was into TDM and for a while, when the Team Warfare League ladder was the "place to be" within the larger community...
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    sim file vids for ut files?

    I used fraps to make all my frag vids back in the day. I gave my copy to Tek actually since I wasn't using it anymore. It's a great program. Check Six and all the other "pro" clans used it to make their old frag vids as well.
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    I still have the same steam ID as before... at least I think I do.
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    I recently reinstalled UT2004. My aim is terrible but I can still trick and time. Catch me on Steam sometime and I'll play a game or two if I have time.
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    Convince me NOT to buy...

    I have a Das Keyboard II, and I can confirm that it was worth far more than the money I paid for it. Tough as a tank, most comfortable keyboard I've ever used, and increased my typing speed by about 15 WPM.
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    All things in moderation

    My dad always used to say "I take all things in moderation, including moderation." Don't be my dad. :) Focusing on your job search is more important for sure!
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    Christian music - triyng to find...

    Five. Iron. Frenzy.
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    Drupal-friendly hosting companies

    I know there's a lot of people here with a lot of professional IT experience. I was just recently hired by the ACDA ( to replace the third-party web development company they're getting fed up with. They also host the site, and their record is so poor on that too, that The...
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    The move to Windows 7

    From someone who runs Linux 85% of the time, is Windows 7 worth upgrading on my Windows partition from XP?
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    UT Shelved for Several Years

    This reminds me of a conversation I had with my old clan leader Bklyn_Pete a while ago on TeamSpeak when we were both excitedly discussing the recently-announced UT3. He predicted it would be a failure, precisely for the graphical reasons Blackbeard stated. I remember him saying, in his...
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    Quake Live activity

    I've been playing somewhat regularly lately. My name is landslide. Chu::LOB:: also plays, as iLLiams.
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    Quake Live players list

    I've been playing for the past two weeks or so as landslide. Chu from LOB (None of you would probably remember him) also plays with me. His name is iLLiams.
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    Tribe of Judah turns 10 Wednesday, May 20

    My gaming PC is in storage right now, cause I just moved back from the university, but i'll try to dig it out so I can participate.
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    UT Chapter Steam Group

    LOB is dead unfortunately... maybe not permanently (we keep in touch with each other) but there's not enough competition for us to play UT3 at the same level we played UT2k4, and there aren't enough people with us that are interested in playing UT3 for us to sustain an active group. Some of the...