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  1. Lazarus

    Did Anyone Else See This? What Are Your Thoughts? (MSNBC PAle Rider)

    /hides in underground shelter, clutching a box of freeze-dried peas to his chest
  2. Lazarus

    Matthew 10:28

    I would have asked for a fire hose and a couple million gallons of water, personally.
  3. Lazarus

    The Name of God and non-Christian guilds.

    I find it odd that God would be upset at being referred to as the Great Architect, when He actually is.
  4. Lazarus

    Matthew 10:28

    All I will say about that, is that if I was on fire, and in agony, I would not request, that someone cool my tongue, with the tip of their wet finger. ...
  5. Lazarus

    Matthew 10:28

    Hell is the pure flaming wrath and judgement of God himself, you say?
  6. Lazarus

    Matthew 10:28

    Yes. I have never seen or heard anyone locate a place in the Bible where "hell" is explained or described in any detail as an actual place for the alleged damned souls of men.
  7. Lazarus

    Diablo 3 this year?

    It will come out on December 21 of this year. >_>
  8. Lazarus

    Salem Online

    I look forward to re-enacting the Salem Witch trials with my clan in this game. (And then playing as one and making people's cows give blood instead of milk, which is totally an evil and witchy thing to do. Srsly, who thinks up this stuff? I want a broomstick, a scaly minion, and a pointy...
  9. Lazarus

    Any RTS players?

    THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE. *head explodes*
  10. Lazarus

    Any RTS players?

    Which Keero are we talkin about here?
  11. Lazarus

    Something to Think on

    I never heard of him before, but he's my hero now. :cool:
  12. Lazarus

    new wow scam

    /insert angsty comment about the state of the U.S. public school system
  13. Lazarus

    Things that God did not Create

    And the OP is helpful or constructive?
  14. Lazarus

    Things that God did not Create

    I'm almost positive that your implication that He needs any help from the Lord is very offensive.
  15. Lazarus

    Personification of Attributes

    Come on, people, you heard the man: the issue is settled. And the spiritual cruelty evident in your posts is literally making me cringe. :(
  16. Lazarus

    Things that God did not Create

    Jeez, people, give up the debate. How you can even try to win an argument with a man who has been philosophically trained to apply the macro glasses of metaphorical interpretation is beyond me! Beyond me!
  17. Lazarus

    Things that God did not Create

    And in addition to all of that, God also created arrogant theists! What a wonderful world!
  18. Lazarus

    an 8 year old ripping apart CCGR

    Seen anyone practicing miraculous signs of Christ or not of Him lately, silverleaf?
  19. Lazarus

    an 8 year old ripping apart CCGR

    Out of the mouth of babes, eh?