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    Sorry , playing it on PS4 version atm. Bought the season pass and made a group/clan based on the icegiants of Norse lore. I"m still actively playing each day and leveling alt classes, but would like to raid with people I know so I can gear up past lvl 28.
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    So what's everyone playing these days?

    lvl 26 hunter in Destiny at the moment and Assassins Creed Unity when it arrives.
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    Application and Introduction

    Greetings, born Jeremiah 24 years ago but I go by the handle Grey in the gaming community, one of the brothers to the more popular Keero. I'm living in the lovely state of Alaska where it gets 50 below most winters, enjoy chiptune and 1930s era music, have a male yellowlab/husky mix dog...
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    Nether Woes

    266,71,530 should equal 33,71,66. Unless something goes wrong.
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    So if I see wild animals at spawn, I'll just think that they used those command blocks to get there. Also rabbit farms, Want to get some of those going so I can add rabbit stew to my shop.
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    Feed The Beast

    Server went down about 40 minutes ago, its back up now, and just now noticing all unlocked morphs are missing.
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    Left 4 Dead 2 game night?

    Game nights in the past often ran for longer than an hour as both teams had to play through the levels often taken 1-2 1/2 hours.
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    Left 4 Dead 2 game night?

    I've re-installed the game just for this moment, I'm down for a classic Wednesday gamenight.
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    Feed The Beast

    :mad: I've died and had my tombstone not appear too many times now, countless thaumcraft and tinkers gear lost time after time. I've half a mind to become immortal just so I never loose my items again. Death by hungry aura nodes (grey fell into the void), creeper (no tombstone on account of...
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    Feed The Beast

    You may have to do something about the redirecting to the actual IP as isn't working atm.
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    Mabinogi chapter? Maybe?

    I've played the game in spurts of up to 8 hours three times in the last 2 years, hard for me to find anything I really enjoyed to anchor me to the game in that short time I played, but I don't mind popping ingame once a week for social visits I suppose.
  12. toj-Grey

    New Underwater Mob?

    If there is some demand for breathing potions I could add that into my shop for cheap, been trying to fish up name tags and the going drop rate seems to be 1 out 50 per hour =/ getting a lot of those puffer fish instead. Edit: Shop added on the stairs going to deep market, only sells Gills...
  13. toj-Grey

    What can it be?

    Day Two is out Weapons for Scout, Demo, Soldier, Sniper. Bread Reskins and a new video
  14. toj-Grey

    What can it be?

    Its Love & War New taunts / dances so far. Promo Video, spotted New items (maybe) and other easter-eggs
  15. toj-Grey

    TS Offline? [UPDATE: Server back online]

    Did you mean the TeamSpeak3 CGA server is offline?
  16. toj-Grey

    Feed The Beast

    And its back down >_< If you could somehow NBTedit out the water of the quarry that would solve the crash. My character logged into those chunks dead (no gravestone leftbehind, bye bye items) and so that loaded all the laggy water again and froze up the server.
  17. toj-Grey

    Feed The Beast

    The quarry had finished mining, so me going and removing the surface-water has stopped the server until it can calculate how it will drain all of that watery mess. I suspect chunk-loaders and calculating liquids (lava in nether, water in overworld) has effects on the general health of the...
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    Feed The Beast

    The elevators blocks made from wool (the ones you use shift to move down or jump to go up a level) is set to default mode so it takes something like a entire level no mater how much exp you have (if your level 30, thats alot more expensive to use it than someone with 5 levels.) I'd recommend...
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    Feed The Beast

    To solve that we just divided the magical load between ourselves. Gator handles the Ars Magica as I take on Thaumcraft, then we both split Witchery.
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    The Time Has Come

    List of Wii(/U) programs/games that use balance board. a New Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board runs you about 70 dollars. if you are just getting the board, there is CTA Digital which makes products that could be useful to you. to name a few; sleeves, mats, ankle weights, and some non slip socks.