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    Sinning in Video Game

    I was thinking about this when playing Assassins Creed. Is stealing and murdering in a video game a sin? Sure you can say hey it's not real people, but aren't you still like participating in evil acts? Can't think of a better way to word it so I hope you understand. Edit: Title should have...
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    Question about Game Design as a Career

    Well I'm not sure if it would ever truly lead to Christian Video Games, because lets be honest that's not really the target audience. However I do like things such as maybe Chronicles of Narnia where they tell a story that is metaphorically based on the Bible. Even with that though, I imagine...
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    Question about Game Design as a Career

    Not sure if this was the best place to post this so please feel free to move it to the correct forum. I've been thinking about taking Game Design up as a potential career. That or something involved in the Game industry (writing, art, etc.) That being said, christian focused games are not...