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    Steam game giveaway

    With that being said I shall pick up the number 42
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    User Name: ReptilianGoose Name: Kyle Age Group: Older
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    Get to know your Guildees! =)

    Name: Kyle Primary Character: Eglon (Hunter), hopefully be transfering ReptGoose (80 Shaman soon :) Age: 20 Status: Single, happy, college student Game Achievement I'm most proud of atm: um, none really...level 30 in a few days time? I don't have a life right now Favorite Class: Shaman...
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    server IP?

    My brother is CC, and I pretty much only play on their servers. But I pretty much die hard TOJ so I don't think I'll join them.
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    server IP?

    You guys should consider getting a toj CSS server. I have held true to toj and hold the tag, but since there really is not a CSS toj, I guess I'm kind of lying.:D Kind of.
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    Going down to Mexico/Spring Break

    Incredible outcome The trip went awesome. We hiked about thirty miles into Copper Canyon to go and visit the Tamaranian Indians(no idea how to spell that). The last American to go there was 20 years ago and he was killed, so that was interesting. A week before two of the Indians knifed each...
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    Going down to Mexico/Spring Break

    My youth group and I are going down to Creel and Urique, Mexico. Cheeseo and Killerah are in there too. We're going to be going to the marajuana workers about 14 miles into the canyon. Just pray that nobody gets hurt from the hike because it will be a little sketchy. We're going with 59 people...
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    Mission trip

    Hey john being close friensd and all. I will definitley be praying for you. Man it stinks that your moving. lol. and i know how hard it will be to give up WoW.
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    Quake 3 on 24 displays, at 10240x3072

    That would be pretty awesome to try playing on, a bit over the top though.
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    The Grand Campaign

    It's looking pretty good john plz continue. I know where you live.
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    If you think you get owned/pwned ...

    :eek: That's awesome and totally random.
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    Denouncing other Religions

    To further this you should watch End of the Spear in theaters, which is on Nate Saint and all who died with him.
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    Valentine's Day

    Wow getting hit in the eye would kind of hinder the gaming experience. I totally agree with not celebrating Valentine's Day. It is way to over-rated. Only thing I like about Valentine's day is the candy and there isn't eevn all that much going around.
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    LFG for VanCleef

    Sounds good. I have a lv 17 warlock, which I should be able to level up a little depending on when it is.