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    Convince me NOT to buy...

    Because you gotta save everything you got to afford this bad boy.
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    When does everyone get on to play?

    I am going to try to get on Friday Gen to play some with ya, unfortunately can't promise you but i will try to.
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    When does everyone get on to play?

    bump, want to know the same, i reformatted computer and reinstalled CSS and TF2 trying to get back into FPS games before L4D2 comes out which is located in NEW ORLEANS!!! woohoo!
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    Of all things to start the morning with...

    lol that is what i would try to do first Pie
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    Need to see some activity

    I have gotten on a few times in the afternoon and killed bots for a few hours but it got old. Although right now i am helping my brother move so i won't be playing until Saturday possibly if i live then lol.
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    lol i don't know, i was really bad i couldn't shoot to kill anything last time i played. now that i shoot the real gun, it makes it seem different =P
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    Now the question is when do you guys normally get on and play? So i can try to meet up with you guys and play a little even though i am terribad at CS now lol. ^^
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    mapcycle suggestions

    westwood was always fun XD
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    CS:S server?

    YAY! saw this post and was hoping to see a CS server coming back up soon. good to hear that it is. Look forward to playing again.
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    Basic Military Training Begins...

    I am. But hoping i get my techschool soon. I want to start working full time on the base...
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    Basic Military Training Begins...

    He is a colonel in marines >.< well retired now...
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    Basic Military Training Begins...

    I'm back =) Just got home about an hour ago from driving from San Antonio to New Orleans.... what a fun drive, atleast i got to catch up on some missed sleep in the past 2 months >.< Picture of me and my dad after graduation ceremony.
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    Basic Military Training Begins...

    Well today at lunch time i got a call from the MSgt. incharge of people leaving for BMT. I have not been pushed up on dates to leave for BMT. I am leaving tomorrow now (Yep, got a 1 day notice to leave for BMT). Was scheduled for September 1st but someone decided not to leave so my commander put...
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    Computer Question...

    Hey HCS, i was wondering if you know the answer to this one... My brother worked at Circuit City too and when they closed down he got like 6 laptops for 5 dollars each because the screens were broken and a few of them didn't have batteries. I have 2 of them Lenovo Ideapad Y530. One although...
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    A Terra-Tron!

    I have to say that was a well put together april fools joke with the videos and everything that they made for it. Wasn't believeable but it was a good joke.
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    Game sales

    Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway PC Game UBISOFT - Retail $7.99 @ click here
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    Alizak Returns!!!

    lol that is what my friend told me, he said almost everyone goes out and buys 2-5 movies when they finish being on phase 1 because they realize how boring it will get.
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    Alizak Returns!!!

    Today i had drill and went to talk to the person incharge of getting dates for BMT and she said that we are all suppose to have dates by Thursday. Only thing is that it can at any time after a month now. Which i am glad because i will atleast be able to dress up for drill and not be in student...
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    New computer time

    Yeah that is what i am waiting for too, not going to upgrade my computer until Windows 7 comes out. Although not much for me to upgrade, just going to get a better graphics card, blue ray drive, and a new power supply to handle all this stuff.
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    Alizak Returns!!!

    yeah, well he is retired, but hates that he gained as much weight as he has since he has retired even though it has only been about 5-10 pounds in over 2 years of not being in the military, he is just too use to being that officer having his own gym in his building he works in and having paid...