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  1. tbone

    intrest in Firelands

    well just made it to the Delegation line of the quest .. guss that means i am ready for FL again
  2. tbone

    intrest in Firelands

    so after running with deydri i am on part one of the staff , did not know if any others were wanting to run Firelands . just thought i would put it out there I usually can run Friday or sat night let me know ..
  3. tbone


    Masterwork Elementium Spellblade hmm can quite remember who I had asked to craft this ? :eek:
  4. tbone

    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Student

    Not that I have been around much of late , but I have been a active member of the guild as well been through the fun of raid's with Rhys many times as well as Eric singing .. I some how managed to live through the experience of it all ;) now I usually don't say allot as my day job is being...
  5. tbone

    Mage - how to get there from here?

    I leveled as Frost as my main spec till 80 enjoyed it very much only changed to arcane for the DPS.
  6. tbone

    NVIDIA users: WARNING!

    well I am still running version 191.07 for my Nvidia
  7. tbone

    Mage - how to get there from here?

    Frost can be a good start gives you lots of survivability arcane is the best dps by far is a good site summary
  8. tbone

    Farm Flame Leviathan on 25 man

    I would bring my mage Zennen so I would be intrested
  9. tbone

    playing world of warcraft at a whole new experiance

    saw this link thought some may enjoy
  10. tbone

    Interest in 10 Man Naxx Runs

    Zennen would be interested as well . may have to work out what times and were .
  11. tbone

    Stuff you may want

    I have been working on my Engineering now at 440 here are some items i can make Sun Scope Heartseeker Scope Gnomish Army Knife
  12. tbone

    Mod Updates

    SCT Scrolling Combat Text thanks :D
  13. tbone

    Mod Updates Scrolling Combat Text and SCT - Damage .. I still need to learn how to make the links look as nice as Merril's
  14. tbone

    Fare The Well Trinity Bars

    look at connor's Faq site for macaroon there is a good link for adding the pet bar . connor told me :D
  15. tbone

    Fun in outlands

    well here is the screenshoot for all that say it is not possible worms do walk above ground :D
  16. tbone

    mage upgrades ?

    Ya Zennen has been collecting some nice +hit gear . with it on he is now 171 spell hit which is 13.55 % but thanks ..
  17. tbone

    mage upgrades ?

    Zennen is has would these be an upgrade ? what could be better ? both have less spell damage , int stam would...
  18. tbone


    Does codeing in COBOL count :) other then that guess I am out
  19. tbone

    Karazhan Team 2

    Good job all in a great run :D
  20. tbone

    Karazhan Team 2

    Me and lisa will be there ..