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  1. Thaddius

    The 360 vs. a PC

    Depends on the game. Sports games I prefere the 360. FPS, RPG's, and RTS's, I prefere the PC. I've yet to find a sports game that works out well on the PC in comparison to a console version. Cory
  2. Thaddius

    Two technical questions about GW

    bleh...amd. :( Cory
  3. Thaddius

    Having a bit of trouble installing Linux

    Try escape key then F1 key. ;-) Cory
  4. Thaddius

    From right-handed mouse to left-handed trackball

    I've been playin with a trackball so long that I can't game with a normal mouse at all. Way too much hand movement for me. But, I don't use it with my left hand, even though I'm left handed. You'll get the hang of it :) and then will wonder how you evern lived without a trackball. Cory
  5. Thaddius

    Left-handed FPS gamers: How do you do it?

    I do it the same way a right hander does it. wasd keys or my zboard fps layout and a trackball. :-) Cory
  6. Thaddius

    Medical Marijuana

    I imagine that God's intent was not for people to roll it up in rice paper and smoke it. Or a metal/glass pipe or whatever either. I am very experienced at this subject and know a lot about it first hand. While marijuana may not be physically addictive like narcotics or alcohol is, it does...
  7. Thaddius

    going wireless That's what I use, and it works all through my house. I'm not sure of how much range you need, but from what I read before on wireless routers, the average range is ~150 indoors: Hope this helps. Cory
  8. Thaddius

    </3 for flat (regular) keyboards

    No need to buy if they'll work for you. I'll just ship them to you. I probably won't be able to get pic's until Monday, but I'll email it to you once I get it. Cory
  9. Thaddius

    </3 for flat (regular) keyboards

    I have a few of the older Microsoft Natural keyboards at my disposal...I'd say 3-5 of them. I'd have to count to make sure, but I know of at least 3 off hand. They are the older model (I'm not sure what the difference is between the one's the school has lying around and the "elite" one) but they...
  10. Thaddius

    Going out of town

    Couple of things: 1: Welcome home 2: It's Cornelius not Cornelious 3: I have a full size heavy duty dolly if you need it 4: DON'T GET PAINT ON MY PRECIOUS LADDER!!! :D Cory
  11. Thaddius

    Tax preparation?

    As for what to bring, you want to take anything that you've gotten in the mail in the last month that says "for your tax records" :P Really, any 1099's, 1098-E's, W2's that you have received along with things like your tithing and other donations to non-profit organizations, stock sales...
  12. Thaddius


    I'm interested. Cory
  13. Thaddius


    The Revelation is a great study, especially when it is done along with Daniel and Matthew 24 & 25. Bible Prophecy is one of my favorite subjects. Depending on the night(s) of the week and format I might be able to participate. Cory
  14. Thaddius

    Men's Forum Grand Opening

    Ok, Please give me an invite. Cory
  15. Thaddius

    Sick Caterpillar

    I'll keep your family in my prayers, especially caterpillar. Cory
  16. Thaddius


    Yep, Glad you and your family found a house and are moving up here. :) It is a pretty cool house, my wife and I both like it. Cory
  17. Thaddius

    Who plays Battlefield 2?

    I play BF2. Name is Damchi, Xfire ID is thad01. Cory
  18. Thaddius

    What systems do you own?

    PC Xbox (unmod'd) Xbox 360 My kids have GameBoy's? Do they count if I play on em? :P Cory
  19. Thaddius

    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    My first 360 had that problem one time. I removed the HDD and put it back in, and they went away. My HDD ended up failing about a month later, (which the clueless MS phone support agent from India refused to try and diagnose unless I sent in my 360 for troubleshooting first) so I took it back...
  20. Thaddius

    Something funny

    After the past 6 years, I don't know if I'm a republican anymore or not. ;) Cory