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    Would you sell your soul?

    post edited. Site is a scammer's paradise.
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    The virgin Mary

    I just made myself a sammich!YUM! No virgin Mary though. BUT WAIT! The chips I haven’t looked at the chips!!!! I heard that it wasn’t a person but a business.
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    The virgin Mary

    Click me.
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    Which HL2 box did you get?

    Collectors edition.
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    Beaver Dam Story

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    Bible topic?

    Compare Jeremiah 19:4-5 with the crucifixion. Also look at.... Psalm 106:38 Deuteronomy 12:31
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    Kerry concedes

    Flush the Johns!
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    I find it interesting..

    You mean me? I posted a link to a flash animation but afterwards I had second thoughts about the content. I dont think I can delete the post myself so I did what I could.
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    I find it interesting..

    Feel free to delete.
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    John Kerry is with you!!

    Click me!
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    Happy birthday!
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    From the liberal weiners

    That sucks.
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    What does an AGP slot look like?

    Yup. Hmm now I am confused. If they do indeed have two parts then yea you are probably looking at the right thing. However I have never seen a AGP slot with two parts so I dont know what to tell you.
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    What does an AGP slot look like?

    Your other computher was pretty old correct? AGP is somewhat new. Probably. When you say smaller how small do you mean? Do you mean like half size or by maybe a half inch? To my knowledge no. Certain AGP cards require a faster/newer AGP slot.
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    From the liberal weiners

    Maybe but maybe not. Here is a quote from the urban dictionary on the word waffle.
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    Detecting IDE drives

    I was. Yea I think it is what made that AXV CD/DVD-ROM SCSI CD-ROM Device thingy.
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    Detecting IDE drives

    WOOOT!! I fixed it!! There is one of two things that could have done it. A. I got yet another IDE cable and this one was not broken and the others were. B. My IDE ports were blocked by something as before I installed this new IDE cable (the third one) I diables something in a device manager...
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    From the liberal weiners

    I would call him a pancake because he flipflops. I have never heard the term waffles before, well other than food of course.
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    From the liberal weiners

    Can anyone explain the Kerry waffle thing to me? I have been seeing pictures of it but I just dont understand it.