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    Halloween trailer and info - Don't open any black lion chests yet!

    oops. I burn them when I get them. I always hope for another key to see how many opens I can chain in a row. 3 was my longest chain. lol
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    So I applied to TOJ so I can apply to LOE...

    My acceptance email was caught in my spam filter. Might want to look there as well.
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    Jesus' Wife

    I consider Jesus being married as unlikely. As stated here already, someone needs to write a paper for their degree or needs funding. False doctrine was thriving well before this little parchment was written. You would think we would have something in the scriptures about him having a wife, if...
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    Get To Know Your Guildies!

    Name: John Age: 43 Main Character: Arkrazor - warrior (for now... alts will get played) Playstyle: casually all of it. Enjoy pvp and pve. Occupation: Engineer Location: Arkansas (lived first 40 yrs in Charlotte, saw NC represented here) Other: Outside of church and family, I try to play GW2...
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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    ToJ: Thornside GW2: Nico.9470 In game: TBD
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    The Force and the Holy Spirit

    On Wikipedia, Mr Lucas is said to describe himself as a "Buddhist Methodist". The Force was inspired more from Eastern religions. I have heard state that he believes all religions are true, they just see a different part of the elephant. We can safely leave George in our imagination lands...
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    Republic Guild?

    hehe. sorry, I was being sarcastic and may not have indicated well enough. KJV is okay, we still use it for Bible Quizzing. I am "used" to it, meaning I read the old English style well enough. But, I find it to be an unnecessary speed bump when reaching new people. That's just me. But the...
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    Republic Guild?

    KJV was good enough for John the Baptist, it is good enough for me. :)
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    Thanks for the welcome. I went ahead and moved my dk over, name is Xarthcherub. Hate to give you officers more work, but I have to bug one of ya for a tag. As for fitting in, we'll just see what I can contribute to. My dk is almost a fresh 85, so not ready for any heavy lifting. thanks John
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    Hi all, I am looking to join The Forgiven. Wanted to say Hi and get my moderated first post in. :) I have been playing WoW for a while. Looking for a Christian guild with clean guild chat and new friends to play with. I have toons on another server and do not want to spend much money...