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    Favorite Adventure Game

    Has anyone played The Neverhood? It's another fun adventure game, you can get it there, it's wacky weird claymation fun! And here's a fun fact, the guy who did some of the clay art stuff also did some of Five Iron Frenzy's album covers! Fun stuff...
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    TDM practice on

    Dang, I probably won't be able to make it (or at least not stay for long), but I'll try!
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    Migrating from Ikonboard to vBulletin

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    Favorite Adventure Game

    Monkey Island!!!!!!!!! That game is the most hillarious thing ever! I also love Sam and Max, and I beat full throttle (which was funny in a different way). You forgot some other games on there, like Grim Fandango, and such. Man, the Monkey Island games are some of the greatest games ever made...
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    Neverwinter Nights Christian Guild

    I sent a request to join, I'm killerah.
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    Neverwinter Nights Christian Guild

    Cool, I'd love to join, I also have 3 friends who would probably love it also, I'll see if they're interested.
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    Gameplay demos

    Wow, that was quite the post, I'm to tired to read it right now, I'll look at it later, same with recording you a demo or 2.
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    For you HXC-Metal heads out there

    I haven't listened to it, but I just use Winamp and my ever growing media library for all my HxC needs
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    Neverwinter Nights Christian Guild

    Do I need any expansion packs? All I have is the original one. I'd be up for it though.
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    Swat 4 Beta Signup

    Just tried it, it's nothing special from what I've seen. Raven Shield is better. The animations are very choppy.
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    Christianity and Demon Hunter?

    But what does that matter when this IS reffering to the saving grace of God? I guess if you are convicted by the Holy Spirit not to listen to this, then don't. Period. All I'm doing is saying why it's ok to listen to it. They are a Christian band, and thus the lyrics are have Christian themes.
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    Christianity and Demon Hunter?

    I would have to say that DH is definately a christian band. Seriously read the lyrics guys, and at least try to understand what they're talking about. Here, I'll help you: Artist: Demon Hunter Album: Demon Hunter Song: My Throat Is An Open Grave We lay face in pale solitude. To save face, we...
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    Optical vs Ball Mice

    I bought a cheapo $10 optical mouse that had that same exact problem, it sort of stopped happening after alot of use. But I'd suggest just get a new optical mouse by microsoft or logitech or something, cause it's so much better than a ball mouse IMO.
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    I need help

    aww, you shouldn't have reformatted it so quickly, all you needed to do was boot into knoppix and then you have access to your whole computer without having to worry about that nasty windows virus.
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    Movie anyone

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    Tribe of Judah UT2004 Competition TDM Team

    I was wondering that too.
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    So where are all the HL2DM clans...if any?

    I use Team Speak, and I'm pretty sure most everyone else does too.
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    ToJ membership musts?

    I'd say if you're going to a pretty inactive church with no other christians in it, shake the dust off your shoes and find a new one! Church is a very good thing.
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    Xs and Os

    yay! I love winning!