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  1. Razilena

    Farewell for now at least

    I have come to a difficult time in my life when my believes have been shaken to the point that I would no longer consider myself Christian. I am searching to find what is it that I truly believe. This has been happening slowly over about 5 months. I have stayed in the guild as long as I felt...
  2. Razilena

    White Lion, Loner Build, Rank 37

    Just to be different.... AND because I am a sucker for the Lion....I am gonna try a different build. I have the most fun with that class by making sure that I am with my lion and we both stay alive. I realize this means that I am not gonna top DPS charts but I really am having fun with it. I am...
  3. Razilena

    Identifying Mains and Alts

    Razlea is listed as Alt and is my main. Raz is my alt. Thanks!
  4. Razilena

    Thinking about a White Lion?

    I do agree that the cat tends to run after targets foolishly at times. I find it useful though to still keep him on defensive but still use the "attack that guy" button if he chooses the wrong target. I am quick to get him to passive and hit follow if he acts stupid. In short I use all 3...
  5. Razilena

    Redeemed's Roster - Gilgadoc

    Interesting... Seems as though there are 38 T2 and 37 T3. Seems to me like we should focus some events for T2 (Not that I am biased of course :p )
  6. Razilena

    New Officer Ranks

    Could you sticky this?
  7. Razilena

    Renown XP, BGs and do I really care about the thing?...

    Sounds like its pro rate as per lvl as it should be. It would be unfair for a lvl 19 and 30 to get the same rate of exp since the lvl 30 needs more xp to make his bar jump toward lvl 31 then a lvl 19 does to lvl 20. Don't forget you are bumped up in stats as a lower lvl. Without that buff you...
  8. Razilena

    Survey of Time Zones

    Well eventhough I am Eastern time zone.. I play more of a West coast time style So if you are using this to figure events consider me West Besides I would rather live in CA anyway
  9. Razilena

    What I think about Open RvR

    I LOVE open RvR! I actually kind of like the Choas! You can often get to the weaker targets this way. I play a WL and tend to skirt to the back and work on killing the healers. I DO hate open RvR when the Destro starts pulling Order people into Champions and Heroes. Then again I don't pay...
  10. Razilena

    The Witching Night!

    I have been finding a lot more PvP in T2 but have yet to find the PQ or any random witches. I just read though that they are in the lakes so I guess I will try
  11. Razilena

    Thinking about a White Lion?

    I started playing my WL as my main and am only lvl 13 at this pt. I have a few questions...I am not criticizing or anything so plz don't take my questions wrong. I am new to melee DPS so am just looking to try to understand to improve my play style. I noticed that you kept your lion on...
  12. Razilena

    Redeemed's Roster - Gilgadoc

    Ok so this is the last time....well for a while anyway... I am changing my Main. I will need Razlea added to the guild (I should be able to be on for the invite tonight) and listed as my main. Make Raz my alt and remove Razzil from the guild.
  13. Razilena

    Tracker Set Armor- tier 2 rvr 3-piece

    I plan on running a grp into scenerios to get all of the RvR kills that we need and then killing the Heros that we need to get all three pieces of the T2 armor. When: 9pm EST tonight Saturday Who: anyone that can play in the T2 area is welcome to join us :) I am setting this up but if...
  14. Razilena

    Tracker Set Armor- tier 2 rvr 3-piece

    Oh yeah... I guess if you are interested in going plz list a time that's good too. Thanks
  15. Razilena

    Tracker Set Armor- tier 2 rvr 3-piece

    I would like to get all three pieces this weekend. Anyone interested coming along to help and /or get their pieces as well? If you do want to come you need to be lvl 14 and have picked up the RvR quests: Facing Death, Into the Flames and Eye for an Eye. By getting the quests ahead of time we...
  16. Razilena

    Tracker Tier 2 set

    I can't seem to find any information on how to start to get the set. Can anyone help?
  17. Razilena

    I think I know what I need to do? But I can not

    I went through this exact thing with DAoC when I first became a Christian. I ended up giving it up for Lent actually. I stayed true to actually giving it up and didn't do anything related to the game. I ended up replacing the game with more time with God and other social healthy things. After...
  18. Razilena


    My name is Missy and I am married to Anthony (Eigimlin/Kaydo.) We have 2 kids. My son Caleb is 2 1/2 and my daughter Alexis is 18 mths. We have 2 dogs too! I work as an Assembler for Philips/Respironics making and testing CPAP devices. I love dogs and have worked as a groomer, veterinary...