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  1. Ekklesia

    Starting Christian Guild on Sen'jim Realm

    I would like to start a (Horde) Christian Guild on the Sen'jin realm. Is that possible and if so who should I contact, or is this something I should just take on myself?
  2. Ekklesia

    How is the new server doing?

    It was very fast for me.
  3. Ekklesia

    A Question?

  4. Ekklesia

    A Question?

    Clarification please?
  5. Ekklesia

    A Question?

    Is this forum available to all or staff only?
  6. Ekklesia


    The only reason I started another toon was to be in the Realm so I could join Mustard Seed. I play in one realm with my brother and another realm with my spiritual brothers & sisters.
  7. Ekklesia

    Springfield, Missouri

    Not Missouri, but I live in Springfield, Illinois.
  8. Ekklesia

    Progress Leading Warrock Clan......

    I clicked on your link and it cannot find "linky" whatever that means.
  9. Ekklesia

    UI Screenshot

    Besides Cosmos, anything else availabe for Mac OSX?
  10. Ekklesia

    TeamSpeak Information

    I keep getting this error message even though I can log in - Operation not allowed, unsufficient permissions? (303) Ideas?
  11. Ekklesia

    New WOW player... looking for a guild in Terrokar

    I'm thinking about doing the same in the Sen'jin realm but am not quite sure how. I currently have a lvl 22 priest and very little gold.
  12. Ekklesia

    Questions about Christian Gamers Alliance staff positions

    Although I'm new to the guild I would be interested in helping anyway I can.
  13. Ekklesia

    Which Browser do you use?

    I use Firefox, but once in a while use Shiira.
  14. Ekklesia

    Next Guild Bible Study - August 21st

    As a new member can you explain a bit about how this works. Just FYI I'm using a Apple MacBook Pro or iMac Intel when I play.
  15. Ekklesia

    Get to Know Each Other

    Name: Ron Age: 51 Location: Springfield, Illinois Relationship: Married, Characters: (Ronyg on the Horde Sen'jin realm) - (Ekklesia on the Blade Edge realm) Children/Pets: 1 son who is also into WOW, and a Boston Terrier named Star Occupation: Administrative Minister at a multi-campus...