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  1. janc


    Woohoo, we can change race at the vendor! I may change my shadow to Cathar.
  2. janc


    We're getting a new playable species! Altaholics rejoice! I was just reading through some info for the new "Customization" patch, and along with the new playable Cathar species it sounds like we'll be able to change character appearance (including race) through a new vendor. In light of that...
  3. janc

    The Legacy System Encourages My Altoholism

    Finally, a game that appreciates and rewards altaholism! :) I'm rebuilding my army of alts again.
  4. janc

    Application and Introduction

    Just recently came back to the game to see what has changed. Most of my characters are on The Ebon Hawk, but I've created some republic characters on your server to join the guild. Name: Jan Age: 37 Occupation: programmer Personal: married, 1 daughter Home: WI Characters - So far I only have...
  5. janc

    Feed The Beast

    Do many members play on this server? I'm a fan of these mods (I run a tekkit server for my daughter and her friends).
  6. janc

    ToJ Server Whitelist

    I've been away for a while, thought I'd come back and see what's up Name as appears on ToJ Roster: janc Minecraft User Name: jdc75 Real Life First Name (optional): Jan Age Group (under 16; 17-20; 21-35; 36+): 21-35 Do you belong to another TOJ Chapter (if so, please list): not currently...
  7. janc

    LOTR Online

    I was reluctant to post this because I wasn't sure about recruitment posts, but since Tek set a precedent... (feel free to delete if needed) Another very active LotRO group is Band of Hope: Their forums aren't very busy...
  8. janc

    Who is playing what poll

    My "main" will most likely be a Sith Sorcerer (can't decide between dps and healer), with an Imperial Agent healer close behind.
  9. janc

    Dungeon Defenders is awesome, just saying.

    Incidentally, I have a copy of this now.
  10. janc

    City of Heroes Free(dom)!

    All my characters are on Virtue. I was impressed...they let me keep my epic archetype characters instead of having to pay for them.
  11. janc

    Dungeon Defenders 4-Pack anyone?

    Dungeon Defenders Donnerstag? :)
  12. janc

    Dungeon Defenders 4-Pack anyone?

    I'd like to, but I'll need to see if I can get the ok from the boss. :)
  13. janc

    LOVE the art style in this Q1 2011 game!

    YAY! I'll be picking this up asap.
  14. janc

    Magicka party sign-up

    I just got the DLC I didn't already own. Would love to try it some time in co-op.
  15. janc

    Howdy Ya'll!

    I've been debating reactivating at some point. I already used the free time last week to get my characters transferred, so they may show in the Reborn roster.
  16. janc


    I ended up leaving due to not knowing anyone there. I did find a small Christian fleet to join, but wasn't terribly active. I'll definitely be back when it's F2P, though.
  17. janc

    Server lag

    I do the same thing, Eabrek (wall in lava). I'm a hazard to myself and others. :)
  18. janc

    Why we should play and join in Beta when it is available...

    I would like to see the review as well. I have a friend in beta who is really enjoying it, so I'd like to compare opinions.
  19. janc

    Cannon fun

    That's awesome...I laughed out loud.
  20. janc

    Starr looking for a re-invite

    this is all making me want to try it out again. Felt too grindy before, if they've changed that might be worth another look.