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  1. Luvdiscgolf


    I have tried to get on several times, but after checking the pc periodically over several HOURS each time, I have never been able to log on. Do they have a limit on the max number of players on the server at any given time?
  2. Luvdiscgolf


    Just having recently hopped back on the website here, I discovered that some of you are trying out the new ArcheAge game, so last night I initiated the game download, and it will finish sometime today while I'm at work. I have not had much time to review what the game is about, but I hear a lot...
  3. Luvdiscgolf

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Hey guys, I've been out of the loop for a long time, but just hopped on today to see what's happening in ToJ these days. When I saw this topic and the games listed, I realized that I've been out of the gaming world much longer than I thought; I hardly recognize any of the games listed, lol...
  4. Luvdiscgolf

    2 questions

    I still play League of Legends (summoner name is: Fidoc), in fact I just recently finally hit lvl 30! I play quite sporatically with no set schedule. Feel free to zip me an invite if you ever see me online. Also, I have not checked these forums for awhile. The primary game I have playing...
  5. Luvdiscgolf

    "Classic" TF2 game night?

    A 'Classic' TF2 game night would probably bring me back to play TF2; at least for that night. Only base weapons, no extra crazy items. I always did like the random crits. Just pure, simple fun the way the game was meant to be. I do keep the game installed and up to date but have not played...
  6. Luvdiscgolf

    Anyone watch WWE?

    I don't have cable these days, but I still get over to a buddy's place to watch the pay-per-view events. Yes, it is fun to see the old familiar faces. Those guys still seem to make me laugh. :)
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    The Hawken videos posted so far look pretty sweet! I am definitely looking forward to checking this game out.
  8. Luvdiscgolf

    Star Trek Online Christian Guild

    I just got the game downloaded last night and hope to check it out sometime this coming weekend. Do you guys have any tips as far as race/class or any specific recommendations for starting out? If there is crafting in the game, that will definitely NOT be my focus as it tends to bore me and...
  9. Luvdiscgolf

    Just curious...

    I mainly play Bots as a couple of my buddies from work only want to do that.
  10. Luvdiscgolf

    Gotta play 'em all!

    I haven't tried out Nautilus yet but he looks like fun! Also, I hope to be online this evening after about 8:30 p.m. central, if you're interested in getting in a game or two. Luvdiscgolf (a.k.a. Fidoc in game)
  11. Luvdiscgolf

    Dungeon Defenders is awesome, just saying.

    I finally decided to pick up the game and played a bit Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It definitely is a lot of fun! Hopefully, I can try to hook up with you guys sometime soon. Of the three classes I've tried so far, the Squire is by far and away my favorite. :) The Slice and Dice turret is...
  12. Luvdiscgolf

    Allods Online guild made!

    Weird, I checked Saturday and Sunday both and still only had the one server option. :(
  13. Luvdiscgolf

    Allods Online guild made!

    Server? I just got the game downloaded and started it up and the only server I see is: SKRAKAN I thought I might check out the game, but wanted to be on the same server as you guys. Any ideas?
  14. Luvdiscgolf

    Dominion games & bots

    I've started playing more Dominion games now that you can play against bots and I must say I enjoy it quite a bit. I am summoner level 21 and don't consider myself an expert gamer by any stretch, but seem to find myself normally in the #1 scoring position or #2 at the lowest in these games when...
  15. Luvdiscgolf

    "Rise of the Bot Army" or "MOAR BOTS"

    The new bots and the new map have gotten me into playing some Dominion games. I'm starting to like them quite a bit; they seem to go quicker and have the added dimension of needing to focus on something other than just killing enemy champs.
  16. Luvdiscgolf

    "Rise of the Bot Army" or "MOAR BOTS"

    I just played my first match against Kog'Maw and wow, was that nasty!
  17. Luvdiscgolf

    "Rise of the Bot Army" or "MOAR BOTS"

    I'm very much looking forward to facing off against a wider variety of bots!
  18. Luvdiscgolf

    Runes for Level 20 AD champs?

    Thanks for the input, guys. I got set up with the armor penetration for quints and marks and the magic resistance per level for glyphs. Now I just need to build up some more IP so I can afford the seals, lol. I had time to sneak in one game against Intermediate bots yesterday with Twitch and...
  19. Luvdiscgolf

    Runes for Level 20 AD champs?

    Hey guys, I just hit level 20, woo-hooo! I would like to get set up with some runes but am still a bit lost as to what is a good combo. I'm looking for two rune setups. #1. AD champs like Vayne, Twitch, Caitlynn #2. Casters, my favorite is Anivia and Kayle also does will with Ability...
  20. Luvdiscgolf

    LOTR Online

    I quit playing it when my favorite MMORPG of all time, City of Heroes went free and still play it. :)