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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    TOJ: A Servant GW2: Servus Vitae other GW2 characters haven't been made yet You knew me in Guild Wars 1 as Main: Kindly Hero
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    Which Home World Are You On?

    I just started. I don't know which home world to choose. Help.
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    Prayer Requests and Answered Prayers (THREAD)

    The Lord is deffinately on the throne. I still work with CITI but no longer citibank. I am now a division leader with PRIMERICA a citi company. It's a promotion and commision only. Please pray that I continue to do well in school, my career, etc. Most improtantly I have begun to see my calling...
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    Prayer Requests and Answered Prayers (THREAD)

    Thank you for your prayers currently I have decided against the army the multitude of counselors has neutrality with a leaning toward decent. Please continue to pray for me, I NEED HELP! Joshua
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    Prayer Requests and Answered Prayers (THREAD)

    Well its been a while since I posted to this thread I am very seriously thinking about joining the army. Pray for me and my family. Joshua
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    [B]Comming Soon.[/B]

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    Cape Contest - Post your entries NOW!!!

    I like all white for the win. Maybe we are all just in unity so much we can flow with any color you throw at us derk.
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    Prayer Requests and Answered Prayers (THREAD)

    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS! I CAN LITERALLY FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! I realized recently that I have had some serious footholds in my life that God wants to deal with. He is helping me to be more free indeed. Thank you all for being so faithful in lifting my family and I up. Please don't stop...
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    Can you give me some advice guys?

    And above all listen to your parents final decision.
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    Prayer Requests and Answered Prayers (THREAD)

    WOW You all have been PRAYING! Here is the shortest concise version of the testimony I could muster....We went to church sunday. On the way I was compelled to speak to my wife about giving. I had this urgency in the spirit to give, that is the best way I can describe it. We get to our church...
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    Prayer Requests and Answered Prayers (THREAD)

    Some of you have been praying, I can tell. I asked "and pray that I may have more opportunities to lead people to the LORD." Tonight I was working out a guy next to me picked up my towel for me and the first thing out of his mouth was I am an atheist. Next thing I know he was sharing with me...
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    My Mom got scared on May 5!

    I scared my mom with a fake tranchela spider once I was so sad I did after words I made her cry.
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    Prayer Requests and Answered Prayers (THREAD)

    The purpose of this thread is 2 fold, first its anyones and everyones opportunity to share a prayer request and then the answers. GOD ANSWERS! Second its so I can keep you all updated on the answers GOD has sent to me, and how effectual your prayers are. First I want to THANK ALL OF YOU who...
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    You prayers are so effectual I'm going to move this thread from a here to a Prayer Request and Answered Prayers thread.
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    Happy Birthday Ishylynn!

    Happy Birthday WOOT!
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    Since you started to pray the regional managers of CITIBANK called to thank me, my business has grown, and I LED SOMEONE TO JESUS. I'm not out of the woods yet so please keep PRAYING!
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    I APPOLOGIZE FOR ITS LENGTH BUT PLEASE READ IT,ITS SO VERY IMPORTANT! Dear Grandma and Grandpa, I want to tell you a true story. I'm sure you have been reading and watching the news on CITIBANK lately. This is one of the largest financial companies in the world and its faliure or sucess...
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    3rd anniversary party video

    what did you use to make this video? what is the best software fraps?
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    USSSH1/ Ultimate Screen Shot Scavenger Hunt 1

    U win them both pm me for the prize thats the last event i host...