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  1. example42

    Great Christian PodCasts

    I love listening to podcasts. That's about all I listen to anymore. As you may know, many universities put lectures and entire courses online. I have recently stumbled across lectures from RTS (Reformed Theological Seminary). They are GREAT! I've been listening to an entire course on C.S...
  2. example42


    This seems as good a place to post this as any... The only 360 game I know about is the previously mentioned Red Ring of Death series. It's gotten lackluster reviews though... But I do have a gift of Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2 Episode 1 for PC sitting around. It came with my purchase of...
  3. example42

    Progression Karazhan - Tuesday/Saturday

    If there is a run tonight, I can probably make it. Deedlyt, Deed, and Etoh are all available. Whatever class you need. What time is the run?
  4. example42

    which weapon is better

    For arms, the reaper hands down. For 2H fury/arms...probably still the reaper, but not positive on that.
  5. example42


    My main Bible is, as my old college pastor used to call it, the "Nearly Inspired Version". But I have an old Thompson Chain Reference Bible that use when I need a more "authoritative" translation.
  6. example42

    DPS warrior

    I never got into fury. So gear dependent. And it plays like a gimped rogue. Arms just requires a good weapon. But yeah, it doesn't scale as well as fury in the long run. But I already have 2 pure DPS 70's, so I don't mind :-)
  7. example42


    Demotivators FTW. The videos for his book are also extremely funny.
  8. example42

    DPS warrior

    You can look at Deed's spec in my sig. I'm Kara OT spec, Arms/Prot. (2.3 changes to MS threat will be hawt.)
  9. example42

    Character Tooltip Issue

    Lootlink was causing this issue. I think they patched it though.
  10. example42

    Raid Frames

    I'm still resisting threat meters as well. Honestly, with solid (equally geared and skilled) tanks I haven't pulled agro in ages. I can't remember the last time I pulled anything except trash. I use Xperl for my player, party, target, and focus but still use CTMod raid frames. Mainly I just...
  11. example42

    TeamSpeak Server is up and running ...

    The codec is set by the channel you are in. The codec you choose in your preferences in TeamSpeak is only for recording and playback locally to test your mic volume. BTW, CELP 5.1 sounds like a robot licking a band saw.
  12. example42

    Gruul's Lair

    8:30 am on a Satuday? Yikes. The only way you see me on at that time is if I stay up extra late on Friday night.
  13. example42

    World of Warcraft PTR Patch 2.2.0

    The *recipe* not the elixir.
  14. example42

    SGA Gruul's Run

    Would be fine, but doesn't lend itself to seeing new content.
  15. example42

    SGA Gruul's Run

    Previously when starting from scratch players who had been on multiple runs could bid minimum and they would just go negative. If more than one person bid then they would roll 1-100 to decide who gets it.
  16. example42

    SGA Gruul's Run

    I would imagine that it would be a clean start. It would be great to go back and figure in who has been on the runs and who has received loot, but I don't think anyone has that info :-( Edit: I should mention that the "first run" thing will apply though. So another mage running for the first...
  17. example42

    SGA Gruul's Run

    We have plenty of TF members who attend the SGA Gruul's run. Just wanted to bring your attention to a post on the SGA boards about the new day, time, loot rules, etc.
  18. example42

    the kind of stuff that happens when you go home..

    I dunno. It looked like they were having a ball.
  19. example42

    World of Warcraft PTR Patch 2.2.0

    They reversed the rogue change on the PTR about 2 days after it came out. I don't think they've re-reveresed it yet. So for now, it's the same old blind.