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  1. l33tben

    Favorite YTMNDs

    I would..but I cant find it on
  2. l33tben

    Favorite YTMNDs

    Lol I love the Mario Teaches Typing YTMND
  3. l33tben


    Well, I'm back in action And I have already requested to join the team (atown on aim) so yea..nice to be back again :)
  4. l33tben

    Explain your username!!

    l33tBen---Becuase im way cooler than all of you
  5. l33tben

    w00t Brewmaster!

  6. l33tben

    Looking for an active War3 clan

    Lok-tar Storm! WildXShot both zones
  7. l33tben

    Roll Call

  8. l33tben

    aney one up for a game

    I am now playing more often WildXShot both servers
  9. l33tben

    Anyone Playing?

    WildXShot all servers
  10. l33tben

    Tek shows up fashionably late to the Firefox party

    firefox hates my space <X3[I]
  11. l33tben

    Dubbing is destroying any chance of anime being taken seriously

    I dont like anime anyways so i dont see anything nauseating
  12. l33tben


    Hey I know! get a hole buttload of Cross cables!
  13. l33tben


    Oh yea I remeber you telling me that...haha Drywalling is teh suck
  14. l33tben

    Exercise & health

    Yes indeed you do burn calories when sitting down..its a fact!
  15. l33tben

    LINK: Lucas finished defiling sci-fi, next projects to ruin anime

    Hah! Hes out to ruin Anime!!!!!! WOOHOO
  16. l33tben

    Left Behind: Eternal Forces trailer...

    Meh Christian Markets get the bare bones out of i really cannot expect a great game
  17. l33tben

    What would you do with 10,000 superballs?

    BAHAHAHA i thot so too for some reason
  18. l33tben


    You know it! I am teh hugest fan of your comics!
  19. l33tben

    Down to 16 e-mails in my inbox, w00t!

    |\|0 I (^)0|\|7 3\/3|2 637 0(^)|\|3|) |3'/ 4|\|'/0|\|3........
  20. l33tben


    haha excellent!!!!!!! nice one phantom i can imagine it now...the tetris peices turn into a gun or an axe........well u can imagine the rest!