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  1. Kid4Christ

    Harry Potter Book

    Yeah, know and my friend has a little chat on this subject the other day. I know Harry Potter has alot of witchcraft in it but is it really bad? I mean its not like IM going to go practice it when IM done reading it. However, do you think it fills your mind with negativity? I don't feel it has...
  2. Kid4Christ

    EoN Pre-oder begins today WOOT!!!!

    Okay, so Im a little confused by this. Does this pre order get you the game or just the event for the weekend? Does the 5.00 you spend go towereds the game on the online store or....?
  3. Kid4Christ

    Harry Potter Book

    Didn't the book just come out today? You read it already...? Its like reading a dictionary..its HUGE! My mother is reading it so I will get the scoop! I like my Dragon Chronicle series right now.
  4. Kid4Christ

    Internet and Parents

    Have you ever talked with them 1 on 1 about how you feel? And I don't mean just mentioning it out of the blue. I mean like setting up a certain time and spending time with them and really letting them know hwo you feel.
  5. Kid4Christ

    Bad Breakfasts is gross...its of sotry
  6. Kid4Christ

    Going on a Mission

    Well I have been waiting for a while now and its finnally here! Im going to Guatamola on a missions trip. We will be running a camp for a little over a week for missionary children who are American but live in Guat. Please pray for me and the kids there. I can't wait my flight leaves Friday!
  7. Kid4Christ

    /sigh. i think i have lost sight of God
  8. Kid4Christ

    PvP - Tuesday Night 05-22-07 10 pm Eastern

    Sorry, but I can't make it on Tuesdays anymore until Fall semester because I'm working now. ):
  9. Kid4Christ


    Yeah....I was kind of in NY on mother day...but I still got my mother a present and sayed, "Happy Mothers Day love you!" and stuff. Need to be carfull about koodies though....
  10. Kid4Christ


    What about here loyal minions? She always gives them minion cookies. I'm sure they can make a quick trip to walmart or something....
  11. Kid4Christ

    /sigh. i think i have lost sight of God

    Good to hear man. I'll keep praying for you.
  12. Kid4Christ

    /sigh. i think i have lost sight of God

    How are you doing any update Joe? Still praying my man!
  13. Kid4Christ


    YEAH HAPPY B-DAY! So how old is he 21 now? WHAT HAPPENED? Why did he leave?
  14. Kid4Christ

    MAY there

    Well I just got done watching it. Its 9:01 here right now. I guess there is more later? And is this only on the internet?
  15. Kid4Christ

    You know when you played Guild Wars too much when...

    I actually recieved info that if you own a pet, your life is expected to be longer because when we give love to our pets its an act of de-stressing. Thios only applies if you have Dog though. I don't know about other pets.
  16. Kid4Christ

    Screams head off

    lol, Henchies and heros are also more reliable not to leave your sad is that
  17. Kid4Christ

    /sigh. i think i have lost sight of God

    Im going through somewhat of the same thing. I have only two exams this week and I have alot of free time on my hands. I felt God just telling me to spend more time with him so I am. Even though I do a devotion time in the morning and at night I feel It's still not enough. So I have been...
  18. Kid4Christ

    Fun with Webcams!

    Thats cool Dea, do you live near Ishy? Or did you just visit her?
  19. Kid4Christ

    MAY there

    I was refering to your title "May there" then I conveniently added in "Or be square". Okay, sorry bad joke. This looks interesting though. I like Kirk.
  20. Kid4Christ

    short TS outage

    Are alliance buddys aloud into our TS like befor?