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  1. Scabrat

    Having trouble with client

    awesome thanks so much. ^^
  2. Scabrat

    Having trouble with client

    I'm having trouble with my HL Client. It wont let me connect to any server and it claims it's out of date but there is no update for it. :P sorta stuck here guys. where can I go to find an update?
  3. Scabrat

    Best Spoof cover ever. .

    I am so confused. Was this the wrong thread or something?
  4. Scabrat

    Best Spoof cover ever. . :eek: :eek:
  5. Scabrat

    [Guild]:[Klangdon][Murlock Speech]: Ooga Booga!

    Mutrrgmooglo'l weutmeiml wekelee ewerigleinl? :eek: :D ;) (in case you want to translate it) Urgllee Muterlee wekeirgmil mutrrgmil murnugliml im'chule weutwembgolee muteremmil!
  6. Scabrat


    Ya skulls are for lizards!:)
  7. Scabrat

    Objection! my objection. . sorry I'm not good at linking. :mad:
  8. Scabrat

    [Guild]:[Klangdon][Murlock Speech]: Ooga Booga!

    M'urgle ewermil Meermimil!
  9. Scabrat

    Kazam Mod stuff.

    Well then. :P
  10. Scabrat

    Kazam Mod stuff.

    Is there any way we could sticky the info on the Wowreader mod. IE: How to use it in a signature. Where we could find the Mod? etc. Maybe sticky some other mods that people that have been using and appear to be safe. I just like to quick link stuff and have the info ready. It's kinda hard to...
  11. Scabrat

    I would luv to play!

    I'm down. SN on DoW is Cheapfodder. send me a pm of game times. I dont have the expansion though. -_-
  12. Scabrat

    Official Membership Thread

    Add me to DoW roster!!!:) I'm pretty casual with my multiplayer playability But I'm usually on very late at night. PST 12 am to 7 am . (I work graveyard shift) ToJ SN is the same as this one.
  13. Scabrat

    Does Blizzard care about us?

    The masquerade quest breaking had somewhat been related to the nax event. The abomination would attack the king while the masq event was playing out. thus bugging all the NPCs. Now that the nax event isn't running it shouldn't be messing up as often but the event is still kinda back logged. I’ve...
  14. Scabrat

    Realm transfer info.

    Well played Exo-Slayer . . .well played. o_0
  15. Scabrat

    Realm transfer info.

    I heard differnt rumors from a trusted source. . . 0_o I heard it was going to be 40$ a character Time in between transfers would be 3 months. PvE to PvP was not going to be allowed but everything else would be allowed. I also heard that the reason why its taking so long is that the...
  16. Scabrat

    Your favorite snow cone flavor?

    In the ethnic areas over here in california they sell shaved ice called Raspadas. It's shaved ice with ice cream ontop and flavored with real fruit and fruit sryup. :) its real nice on really hot days.
  17. Scabrat

    World of Warcraft Battleplan: Vol 3

    I believe the restrictions they are talking about is the amount of money you would pay to transfer your characters. They might charge for transfers so not that many people may transfer over.
  18. Scabrat

    What does your character's name mean?

    Dangerwoman is from a song of the same name by The Aquabats
  19. Scabrat

    Info for Christian World of Warcraft guild list

    I would like to add my guild to this list Were open for casual gaming. We are not on that often but we do play when we can. :D Troop Agape server: Uther /t Pusha, Carmelita ; Ceicei
  20. Scabrat

    I need help forming a guild on Uther

    Thank you, Maybe movin this post to the guild posting thread. or addin my guild. . Guild name Troop Agape Guild Master Pusha Server: Uther The guild got formed at 12 :45 today. I ended up stayin about 5 min past lunch but my boss understood. . .he plays too. and signed to push things...