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  1. Pelagrin

    Infant Baptism?

    I know it's an old topic and I honestly haven't ready every post here, but I thought I'd throw out some additional info. I was raised in the Nazarene church, was a member of Pentecostal church in my 20s, and then was a member in a Southern Baptist church for several years after I was married...
  2. Pelagrin

    Gaming on Macs

    I made the switch completely a few years ago and only use a Mac. Blizzard games work great, no problems, are are mainly what I play. There are lots of excellent games on Steam for Mac (Portal 1 & 2, Counterstrike Source, Half Life 2, Civ5, etc) as well as a much in the Mac App store. I've had...
  3. Pelagrin

    all ;)

    I cut the cable a couple years ago and have not regretted it a bit. We have an antenna hooked up to our TV for local programming. Then we use Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and the network sites for everything else. We have a Roku, but I don't use it much anymore since I picked up a refurbished Mac...
  4. Pelagrin

    Need a portal 2 level tested

    The orange paint is there to help you make the jump to the tractor beam. What about it specifically needs more work?
  5. Pelagrin

    Need a portal 2 level tested

    I didn't think they'd be too difficult. They're fairly step-by-step and are more about exploration than problem solving. They're my first two maps, so I'm learning how it all works. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Pelagrin

    Need a portal 2 level tested

    Oh, thanks. I thought I had a platform there that raised. I'll add. :) They weren't too hard? I think they're probably both on the easy side, but I know the solutions so I'm not a good judge. I'm curious how long they take to complete on a first run through.
  7. Pelagrin

    Need a portal 2 level tested

    Here's the second one that needs testing:
  8. Pelagrin

    Need a portal 2 level tested

    My bad. I was messing around and accidentally unpublished the map. When I republished, it went to a new URL. I updated the URL in the original message. I have another, much larger, map in progress. Hopefully I'll have it ready this evening.
  9. Pelagrin

    Need a portal 2 level tested

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone who has Portal 2 for Mac/PC might help test a chamber for me. Since I know the solution, I can't gauge how difficult it is or how long it takes to solve. Thanks!
  10. Pelagrin

    Best free iOS apps for a work phone

    Bible - I use the Crossway ESV Bible Books - Get Stanza and the Kindle app for iPhone. Amazon has free books that you can read on the Kindle, and there are tons of free books on Project Gutenberg which can be used on Stanza. Audiobooks - No special app to get. Just download the audio...
  11. Pelagrin

    Happy Star Wars Day

    ...tomorrow. But I made a Star Wars themed Facebook timeline cover I thought I'd share. :) May the 4th be with you!
  12. Pelagrin


    Is there a trick to get it to work? I just get a black screen. I've tried multiple browsers.
  13. Pelagrin

    "Problem" of evil/suffering.

    Mmm... I recommend getting your doctrine from the Bible rather than a movie that has horribly skewed theology.
  14. Pelagrin

    Some thoughts on "core" and "casual"

    There are games on Facebook? (sarcasm intended) :)
  15. Pelagrin


    School + work + backyard garden = busy When I do have time for games, I've been alternating between Kingdom of Amalur, Skyrim, Star Wars The Old Republic, Civilization 5, and Minecraft. ...and I'm getting a dog this weekend, so the game time will probably decline a bit more. :)
  16. Pelagrin

    "Problem" of evil/suffering.

    What I would tell your friends is: The better question is, why would a perfect God allow us wretched sinful beings continue to exist? Why would He provide a means of grace and forgiveness when we all deserve destruction and eternal damnation. Why is there any good in this sinful, fallen...
  17. Pelagrin

    John 15:16

    Always use the three important rules of biblical interpretation: 1. Context 2. Context 3. Context
  18. Pelagrin

    Virtual machines

    vm i personally prefer VMWare. Ive used it, parallels (this one is for mac though...and its not free), and virtualbox. All are good. Now that you're playing with virtualization, you might have fun with
  19. Pelagrin

    Change #1. Server Move

    WWJD is the only server I've been able to connect to tonight, but I don't really want to play there. Can't get on TOJ for some reason. End of Stream error.
  20. Pelagrin

    Change #1. Server Move

    just can't connect to the TOJ server for some reason. Is it not on 1.1?