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  1. loot

    What Christian artists do you dig?

    Talk Talk and Woven Hand
  2. loot

    What Are Your Favorite Maps?

    Most of the koth maps we play on tuesdays are either way too big for the game mode, or class-imbalanced, or both. I tend to prefer the half-finished payload maps over anything else, but I never pay enough attention to the map names to list any of them
  3. loot

    Tribe of Judah 20th anniversary celebration AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Most underrated movie of all time
  4. loot

    PeekABoo's Palindrome!

    I'll try to remember
  5. loot

    Team Fortress 2 Tips 'n Tricks?

    Play in DirectX 8.1 if you have a slow computer (google it or if there's demand I can write a short guide), change your cl_interp from default to 0.030303 repeating, turn off cl_smooth, turn on hitsounds and damage numbers because most weapons in this game are profoundly inconsistent (forget the...
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    Yes hello I came here via Christian Crew TF2 servers and play on the ToJ TF2 server regularly as loot or as ghost life in game bye