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    I caved and pre-ordered Left 4 Dead on Steam

    Aside from Orange Box L4D is by far the best $50 I have ever spent. Next time there's a ToJ game you better let me in on it! :) Steamid: (Silly Panda)
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    anyone still visit the cs forums?

    Haven't been here in awhile I myself have moved on to playing more 'fun' type games like TF2 but one day I may make a comeback - we'll see. :)
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    Soldiers are a bit too powerful.

    They did a study on crit numbers. You can review the results here: In short: the critical hit chance is improved solely by killing two or more players in rapid succession, such as a double kill with a soldier's rocket. When this...
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    The Eye

    Dunno if anyone actually remembers me - just thought I would throw in a few thoughts for old times sake :) From what I have read you guys have cleared Kara and are questioning doing two separate Grull groups. Heres the deal with Void Reaver. VR is by far the easiest encounters in the...
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    When did this happen?! Man I’ve been gone too long.... Grats Goose! :) Here’s are my suggestions to the current CS leadership: - Numbers, numbers, numbers. Someone needs to step up and start actively recruiting. In fact, have 2 or 3 people do that to help spread it around. If ToJ-CS...
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    Well I kinda am kinda not. I gave up the chapter leadership awhile back and quit playing CS for personal reasons. But other that that im still around :D
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    WHAAAAAAATTTTTT?! Who let him in? I thought we had an anti-nub device on the doors and... Oh hey man whats happening? :D
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    I had a bunch of demos and I planned to make a video for the admins called "Spot the hax0r." It would have had 5 demos of questionable players and at the end it would tell you who was really hacking or not. Ill have to find those demos again
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    * Boy its been awhile...* CS 1.6 continues to be dominant over CS:S given that that major international tournaments (CPL, World Cyber Games, etc) still play 1.6. They do this because the majority of serously competive teams are unsatisfied with the competition aspect of CS:S. Although...
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    You know you haven't played in awhile when...

    Taken 2 days ago...
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    Starcraft or Warcraft III

    I have actually played both in ladder games so i'll throw out my take. Warcraft III is much more unit dependant. You have to utalize each and every one of your units abillities. If you just run them into the enemys base, youll more than likely be killed. The thing about Warcraft is that you...
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    Anyone who makes a panda cry deserves to be stoned.

    CLICK ME! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Priest PvP

    I found a pretty funny Priest MC video the other day.
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    Raiding Thunder Bluff

    Ive heard that Cairne will actually follow you out of the city once aggroed, so all you would have to to is pull him out of TB, wait for his guards to back off, then get him :P
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    The term paper

    In preperation for our term paper we have to turn in a month from now, my English professor wanted us to do 4 pages of pure "free write" which means basically you write about your topic for 4 pages without stopping, even if you have to add bogus thing in it. Its only graded on completion...
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    AFK - one week

    Im sorry the admin scrim did not go - had an issue come up at the last minute. With that said, im taking a week off. Pilgrim is in charge untill I get back. Everyone please be good.
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    I believe Windows comes with standard voice recognition software. It takes a bit of time to set up, and more for it to get it tuned to your voice but once you do its really nice. :)
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    Admin challenge is back!

    Hey everyone. The admin team challenges YOU to a fiendly scrimmage! Sign yourself up here if you wish to be part of the team that will challenge the admin team to a 5v5 scrim on Friday, Sept 30 @ 8:30 EST (7:30 CST). Please keep in mind that this IS a ToJ only event, and will be played on...
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    I believe the admin team went undefeated in the games they played - but I should note that everyone is a winner becasue its for fun and community :)
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    Nothing new under the sun

    If Tek hadn't made that post, I would not be here now! :)