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    Gender Roles in Church...

    He is a fun fact for you. I have a Master's level paper written on this subject to back up my thoughts. It has been peer reviewed and is used by many and agreed to by the majority. Your systems is incomplete and inaccurate. To blow off Deborah and others is unwise and shows short...
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    Gender Roles in Church...

    Just for fun and for you guys to really think about the entire witness of scripture I will offer the following. God appointed women to the role of Prophetess and gave them a title in these instances- • Miriam -‐ Micah 4:6 • Deborah -‐ Judges 4:4 •...
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    Questions on this passage

    Personally, and for brevity, head covering is usually seen contextually as an authority over seeing her. IE- a husband or father. However, these particular passage to me seems to really fit into the context of that city at that time. I do not see other Scriptures in the OT or NT demanding a...
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    Old and New Friends

    SOLA is not only a fine guild but a partner with CGA and ToJ. So calling post like my recruiting is a bit out of line. Please respect the partnerships that were made before you began posting.
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    Old and New Friends

    Hello all, As this area seems to be lacking life, I wanted to remind those interested many of our Redeemed brethern have joined together with SOLA on Wyrmrest Accord. If you are considering coming back for Warlords of Dranor, or as I like to call it, fixing our first and greatest screw up...
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    WoW still going...

    I see. I have actually moved to WA with Mirakle. He made me do it. /sarcasm on I think he might lose his salvation. /sarcasm off
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    WoW still going...

    Interesting. What does full force mean? How many are gathering nightly? Most of my toons have moved to other servers but I think I still have a hunter or something over there.
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    [Wildstar] Christian Based - Family Friendly Guild/Clan - SOLA - (Dominion - Orias)

    And an 1 hour log in wait and a patch this evening? Or so I hear.
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    [Wildstar] Christian Based - Family Friendly Guild/Clan - SOLA - (Dominion - Orias)

    /sarcasm on- I have never heard you say anything like this before about an MMO! <Pulls out wallet and throws money at the game!> /off /poke
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    [Wildstar] Christian Based - Family Friendly Guild/Clan - SOLA - (Dominion - Orias)

    You are kidding right? What is your average game play time? 45 days max? you move on faster than spit.
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    WoW still going...

    Got it. My son and I are on most nights but we do play East Coast times. When I log at 10 or 10:30 there are still 4 or 5 playing. We are ranging anywhere from 6-10 peak times at the moment.
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    WoW still going...

    Wow.... You know my son plays now and he rocks. His game name is Thee*** and sometime people think he is Tree.
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    WoW still going...

    Hey Guys, On Wryest Accord we have gotten a bit of traction. Currently have about 5-8 logged on in prime playing hours. So if you are still active or thinking about it make sure to add realid and we can send out invites to raids and fun stuff. Or you can transfer over if you feel so...
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    I would say if the sale is still on this would be an outstanding purchase. The games and story lines are outstanding. You should be made away of some very graphic violence. Also it deals with genetic mutation of humans by other humans. If either of these make you unsettled by pass the game...
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    Been Away...some help pls

    We need to add each other to real id. That way we can help with cross server stuff. I will try to log on to my stonemaul toons this week.
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    Hey guys, I am over with Ewoks and SOLA. The East Coast Team is the one I am on at the moment. We are one or two guys from being able to flex raid. So, you could very possibly push us over the edge! Too bad it cost to transfer too.
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    All Hallows Eve?

    I am pretty ambivalent. Of course my kids have out grown it. I only ask for consistence. If you shun Halloween you have cannot do a full frontal hug on your Christmas Tree or Easter Eggs. IF you claim Halloween has evil origins you need to acknowledge the other Holidays do as well. It is only...
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    How active?

    I play every day as well. Icthusbait. Some of us use a Mumble provided by a different 'sister' organizations called Sola. Eraser and Lavender do you want us to invite you guys when we play?
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    FF XIV: A Realm Reborn

    I just don't understand how 50 people can be so wrong... hating on FF for 10 years and going strong.
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    I have zero. I have been a part of two.