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  1. ishylynn

    New Xbox

    I know, I've hardly played anything lately. I have been in GW2 some with ToJ, but not really posting on the forums.
  2. ishylynn

    ToJ Server Whitelist

    Name as appears on ToJ Roster: ishy Minecraft User Name: Roswenthe Real Life First Name (optional): I go by ishy IRL Age Group (under 16; 17-20; 21-35; 36+): 36+ Do you belong to another TOJ Chapter (if so, please list): Guild Wars/2 How did you hear about TOJ Minecraft?: the forum
  3. ishylynn

    New Xbox

    Hey all, I get my Xbox today. It's coming with Skyrim and Forza, and I'm looking at getting some multiplayer games in the next couple months. Not sure what yet, but Halo 4 is likely. Seems like this group isn't too active, but thought I'd put it out there. Username is still ishylynn. I have a...
  4. ishylynn

    Diablo III BattleTag list

  5. ishylynn

    Mumble Troubleshooting Thread

    I already stated that was in the Advanced setting. And I turned off the firewall completely, but it still didn't work. As I stated in the other thread, there are a number of unaddressed complaints on this issue on their website. Are you sure you all are referring to the stable update and not the...
  6. ishylynn

    Mumble Troubleshooting Thread

    That page seems to be out of date. There is no such option in 1.2.3 on the Advanced setting.
  7. ishylynn

    Mumble Troubleshooting Thread

    I also have this, and afterward the program crashes. The server and port are correct.
  8. ishylynn

    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    Wow. I concur. It is pretty awesome, and it worked just fine for me (as far as I can tell without a group to chat).
  9. ishylynn


    I played a little with crafting. I couldn't figure out what was needed to gather resources. It said I needed a tool for foods, but I never did find that on the NPCs. But yes, once you choose a profession, you just have to be at a crafting station and when you click on it, then click on the...
  10. ishylynn

    Note about LoE, GW2 Beta, and everything else

    I agree with this, however, as far as I can tell, it's unclear how the the guild system works while transferring servers. Perhaps that's something that will have more revealed in the next couple months. I do think our first priority when going live should be having everyone play together...
  11. ishylynn

    LOE TS3-Mumble Poll

    I am a tech support type of person, and I can't get it working. It crashes when it's opened, and from what I've read online, that's a common issue with no known fix. I also have to say I'm rather disappointed that it seems like the decision was announced in a couple of places without giving...
  12. ishylynn

    Beta names

    Invitations have been sent but some are bugged and others are just missed. Plus, a lot of people couldn't log in most of the day. This is sort of the nature of beta testing, and is to be expected.
  13. ishylynn

    LoE Server Choice - Poll!

    I think we should choose a lower population server for the full version. It will be easier to transfer from a high population server to a lower one than from a lower one to a higher one.
  14. ishylynn

    Wii to have Netflix streaming

    Nice! I have both!
  15. ishylynn

    Time Zones and Night Info

    I have a laptop, so that could work for me. The sound isn't too great on it, though.
  16. ishylynn

    Time Zones and Night Info

    What time zone is everyone in, and is there a night or nights that is better for everyone?
  17. ishylynn

    Fitness on the Wii

    So I got EA Sports Active Plus and I'm really enjoying it. I chose it over the WiiFit because of the ratings and because it's a whole lot cheaper without the balance board (although it has both options). It seems relatively effective, although it might not be as 'fun' as some of the other games...
  18. ishylynn

    New Wii-ite

    Yes, you can play online. The general codes allow you to send messages through the Wii message board off the main menu. Then, all the multiplayer games have individual codes that allow you to see who is online. Each game is a little bit different as far as how that works, but it should tell you...
  19. ishylynn

    Merry Christmas!

    I did get Mario Kart, so will have fun playing that. We'll schedule a game night after the new year and everyone has returned to a more normal schedule.