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    RP PVP Server - Stirring the Water

    Generally accepted RP Rules are simple. Don't make an unrealistic or stupid name, like Bigorc or Cuteprincess. Make up a backstory for you character. It doesn't have to be complex, just something to define his or her personality. Define the personality. Are you a snappy, mean rogue, a...
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    how frequently does anyone play Horde?

    I play Horde almost all the time on Shadow Council, and soon on the RP-PvP server.
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    RP PVP Server - Stirring the Water

    I play on RP servers mostly (Argent Dawn for Allliance and Shadow Council for Horde). The maturity of the community is indeed much better than that of regular servers. The RP itself goes a long way in extending and enhancing the WoW experience. As for the PvP RP server; I doubt you will see a...
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    MeS wants us to join for MC

    So if I power leveled to 60, what class would be more needed, mage or warrior?
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    Battlegrounds Updates

    Anyone on the test realms? My rogue and priest are there.
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    How do you Americans deal with the Gangs out there?

    Every country has gangs and thugs...
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    I couldn't agree more. I have a great amount of respect for Tek7 and the "founding fathers" of ToJ, not a whole lot of respect for the members that are eating at its core.
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    Not that I'm surprised, but...

    Actually most were quite respectful. As Tek7 said, (especially wow forums) are filled with belligerent idiots, waiting to mock something they know nothing about.
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    HELP WANTED:For very important mission.

    Bear in mind that the Titans (angels with creative power) defeated the "old gods" which were evil. So if you refer to God or gods, people will think you are talking about an evil entity.
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    HELP WANTED:For very important mission.

    If you're doing it on a PvP server, the phrase "throwing your pearls to swine" comes to mind. If it's on a RP server (where it would be more likely to be taken seriously and appreciated), you'll probably end up getting a lot of negative in-character reactions, especially from Night Elves...
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    Because his "destructive power" is on par with a natural disaster. Destruction of July (if I remember correctly). Everywhere he goes, everything is left in rubble, so naturally he is considered responsible. Yes, he is. (Wolfwood) It has a lot of references to Christianity, I don't...
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    One size fits all! NOT!

    Total separation from God and man.
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    Tribe of Judah anniversary celebrations to begin in May

    Maybe I should crack open the old jewel case...
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    AOL owns your IMs

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    Teaching my fingers to fight?

    Fingers are part of the hand, the hand wields the sword. Could also be in reference to writing or music.
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    The Goose is Loose, WATCH OUT!

    No it's quite common to WoW
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    Character transfers

    My paladin is still in the guild, am I allowed to vote?
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    I've tried volunteering multiple times, only to be ignored, so I think I'm excused when I make suggestions and complaints.