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    Posts dissappearef

    Wow this group seems so inactive. Any other group I'm in I would have had at least 5 replies.Don't think it was a good idea.
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    Posts dissappearef

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    Posts dissappearef

    I posted twice and no response and now they have disappeared. Is this forum still active. Thought it would be fun.
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    COD Cold War.

    Why do these games say God's name in vain? I hate that.Swearing I can accept but I hate hearing God's name in vain.Is it ok to still play these games.And is The Division 2 better.I don't seem to hear the saying of God's name in that game or Destiny 2.Anyway waiting for your opinion .God bless.
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    Call of Duty

    I like games like COD.But why do they have to say God's name in vain.Is it still ok to play these games?