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  1. Chaska

    New Anime on Crunchyroll!

    World God Only knows, it's been a few years but finally season 3 is starting up! Woooooooooooooooooooooooo! Anyone else ecstatic about a show?
  2. Chaska

    Domino Sluff (NNF) Rules

    Name not final --> I want to call the game "Knock em' Down" What you need is up to the double 6 in dominoes. You can play the game with more than two players.
  3. Chaska

    Illidian server

    There should be a guild named "Saints" on the Horde side of Illidan... assuming you mean the U.S. server with that name. :)
  4. Chaska

    In a hole in the ground there lived a...

    For she herself had a faerie friend, or at least as much of a friend one could have with such a fickle and secretive being.
  5. Chaska

    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Yea I have Pandaren Banquets, one thing tho: for those who don't want to worry about all the ways...If you're willing a great way for you to contribute would to buy the 100 soy sauce and send it to chefs. It's bought with tokens, but it isn't bop.
  6. Chaska

    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Oh Hey! I have 20 Pandaren Banquets ready, of course, we'll only need 1 per hour :D. I just really hope I'll have a computer by then :S.
  7. Chaska

    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Hey guys! My computer seems to be on the fritz, so much so that we're gonna do a bunch of interior renovations. I won't be able to play because if I do, the computer shuts down, no bsod, just shuts down. I've lost 4 graphics cards, some ram and I'm not sure what to this computer so I think...
  8. Chaska

    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    John and I vote for Friday and Monday. John's got a little to go cause he had to start at lvl 1 not 85 but is ilvl is coming along at a decent pace. I'd still like to heal. 467 currently but gonna get some VP stuffs soon.
  9. Chaska

    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Tuesday is negotiable for me....btb.
  10. Chaska

    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Druid Heals! :D Monday nights are still pretty open for me. Tho, I wasn't a huge fan of the Saturday. Friday or Sunday are my best options. tho currently this fall it looks like Thursday is kinda available as well.
  11. Chaska

    Bill Nye, The Science Guy, Says Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

    So, my two cents. Here in Alberta, the primary giver of education is defined as the parent. That means that schools and teachers are resources to use to further the child's education. In Edmonton, we have a large variety of public schools, some of them are faith (not just Christian) based...
  12. Chaska

    Word Association The Sequel

    sadness *is it just me or did the other one finish up a lot faster than the first?*
  13. Chaska

    Color me disappointed!

    Hmmmm weird, I can get in...
  14. Chaska

    Quality Wipes in DS

    Hey Mike, it seems to me that your LFR made it in to the meters ;)
  15. Chaska

    Quality Wipes LF a Healer 1/2/12

    Only need half a healer? (1/2)
  16. Chaska

    Quality Wipes -- in FL (Raid)

    YAY! We have a name! I love it! You'll have to change the thread name!
  17. Chaska

    Is internet community enough?

    What concerns me is that my read of the article says the biggest problem with lack of community is that the big bad gov't is going to get you. The other issues that come with lack of community are, in my opinion, far worse. I like having both a virtual community and a 'face-to-face'. If I had...
  18. Chaska

    Okay To Play New Zelda?

    I concur with what Neirai has stated. I, for one, play and quite enjoy playing the Legend of Zelda series. As none of the qualifiers he mentioned apply to my situation I do so with a clear conscience. I am also willing to let go of the game if the Spirit leads me to at some point for some...
  19. Chaska

    SWTOR beta: a hopefully unbiased review.

    One thing that John forgot to mention, and I'm sure he'll expand for me. We found it less intuitive to put together a rotation. I'm sure there was one there, but it was hard to get a feel for it. Also at level 10 they have more abilities than they plan for you to use as you should replace...