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  1. Elader Arkon

    Favorite screenshots from the last 20 years

    Guild Wars 1. Those were the days. I miss those days. I should load up Guild Wars 1 again. It's actually a minor miracle I still have a few screenshots of the game sitting around. Nevermind with SoE and the alliance.
  2. Elader Arkon

    Apex Legends

    I'm on and play. I really enjoy it.
  3. Elader Arkon

    Is it OK for me to play Battlefield 5?

    I'm sorry. Attempting to send a simulated bullet from a simulated gun through the brain pan of a simulated individual which can result in an often bloody simulated death animation via calculated blood and ragdoll physics is what I meant. Obviously you're not killing an actual person every time...
  4. Elader Arkon

    Is it OK for me to play Battlefield 5?

    At least in terms of children playing, if you're ok with your child killing people in a violent and graphic manner (like, say, in a war like Battlefield V), chances are you're confident that your child has the proper moral compass and intelligence to know that something being called 'Holy Ghost'...
  5. Elader Arkon

    Is it OK for me to play Battlefield 5?

    Why would it not be ok for you to play the game or a particular class because it has an outfit called 'Holy Ghost'?
  6. Elader Arkon


    While patience and intelligence may be a great virtue, 99% of the time you'll lose out at the end of the match to experience which can only be gained with any degree of rapidity in this game by playing aggressively. I don't think there's much twitchiness in this game at all -even at a very high...
  7. Elader Arkon


    I really don't like the strat of conflict avoidance anymore, after I got my first (and totally undeserved) win (wow I was slow editing back then lol). I discovered it pretty much just means you're a free kill for the better players to win the game. I aim for mid-pop areas so I can get some...
  8. Elader Arkon


    Gerbil is wrong on best weapons. Blue pump shotgun is the single most important weapon in the game due to how fights tend to play out. Seriously, it needs to probably either be nerfed or changed, because it's better to have than the purple or gold shotguns. You'll want to focus on getting a...
  9. Elader Arkon

    Holy New Website Look, Batman!

    I like Serene the best out of all the Omni ones so far. However, it feels very CSGO-ish. :P
  10. Elader Arkon

    Holy New Website Look, Batman!

    Posted that and then had an introspective moment. Because huh, I've been around these parts more or less for a very long time now.
  11. Elader Arkon

    Holy New Website Look, Batman!

    hey, images auto resize. that's sweet. How long has that been a thing? (Being as I haven't updated my avatar since my Eve Online days... like six years ago)
  12. Elader Arkon

    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Fornite. That game is more fun than it has any right to be. Also, Warframe has a new mode that is fantastic. And for mobile, I'm back into gacha land with FFBE. Which they've gotten a ton better about handing out the premium currencies so I'm not anywhere near as pressured to buy things, and...
  13. Elader Arkon

    Tabletop Role-play, D&D and Media

    This is where you really lose me though. I absolutely loathe the very idea of Christian Book Stores and other media. Western Christianity is pulling itself out of the world and shutting the doors to the outside. We have entire vertical markets for 'Christian Stuff'. And you know what happened...
  14. Elader Arkon

    Tabletop Role-play, D&D and Media

    I can't say as I agree, at least where it comes to D&D. Especially some parts. I take issue with this, as the only possible ego to be fed is that of the DM who is creating the sandbox that the others play in. And like a sandbox (and books, and most other forms of story driven media...
  15. Elader Arkon

    Wiring, wireless, automating homes, etc?

    I don't own a home, and I can't do much to my apartment. However, I just recently got an Amazon Echo, and Alexa is a borderline cyberpunk personal assistant (especially with IFTTT), especially when you start adding in Alexa wearable devices. If only she was socially conversant... So no Nest...
  16. Elader Arkon

    is there a ToJ/CGA Discord server that we can join?

    The guild I'm in on WoW has moved to Discord entirely. We used to coordinate officer/core raid group/CM stuff on Skype and have Vent for everything else. Discord is pretty much a 'where have you been all my life' for guilds lol.
  17. Elader Arkon

    [Weekly - F/Sa] Week In Review

    Thought I'd poke my head in here to see how things are going. It's been a while. Unfortunately it does seem like forum communities are becoming a thing of the past (not just this one, but the handful of other forums I have frequented throughout the years). My sense of community is now built on...
  18. Elader Arkon

    Guild Takeover

    I've been active in WoW and will stay active in WoW for quite the foreseeable future due to it being the only game my wife plays, and she has played it daily for years now. However due to the low activity in Redeemed and my wife playing on WrA, most of my characters have jumped ship. I think I...
  19. Elader Arkon

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

    I'm testing things in the testing thread!
  20. Elader Arkon

    So what are you all playing on the PC these days?

    Blizz games. Diablo 3, HotS, Hearthstone, and of course WoW. World of Warships, and the occasional League of Legends.