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    Pidgin vs. Digsby

    Hrm, I tried using both: I went from Pidgin to Digsby and back to Pidgin. Why? Because I use aliases on my buddy list so I usually just start typing someone's name and the autofillin grabs their name/screen name before I finish typing. In Digsby, I have to search for their names on my buddy...

    Online Games

    I was just wondering if anyone plays a little game called KoL, Kingdom of Loathing... Its a... non-conventional game which I suggest you check out. On top of that, there's a game I play called inselkampf An island conquering game. Very little time needed to play...

    StarCraft II - The Terrans Have Arrived!

    I hope its earlier. =\ Otherwise I'll be in college and I can't play with my buddies right now. But it looks about right... Next year round summer time

    Hello from the Stone Age

    Hey, its been a LONG time. In fact, I'm not sure if many people remember me, haha. Others might know me as Flash Fire or Silent but that was awhile back. Spam Boy? :) Btw, is DV & Marcylene still here?

    Advice on childproofing a PC

    If you're really interested in a good program that blocks inappropriate content, use CyberPatrol or something that can log time and it can allow only certain applications to the internet.

    An addictive NET game

    HO FUDGE. This will take a LONG time.

    I AM perfect!

    I have known non-Christians that resist sin better than alot of "born again" Christians, just because they are moral people. Obviously they don't have The Lord how do you explain this resistance? Well, this shows how they are going in their walk with God. Are they content with saying...

    Do we as Christians need to read the Bible?

    I agree with DV. You need to UNDERSTAND what the heck you're reading, there's TONS of stuff in there and you don't read it like you do a good book. Munch on that. If you want to be a disciple, you need knowledge of HOW. And I wonder where that HOW is?

    Quality Headphones

    I'm looking for some new headsets, with built on mics. The one I'm using is crapping out, the right stereo speaker only works when i hold the wire and jam it in the headphone at a certain angle. I think this is the one I use...
  10. SLNT_FIR

    AIM IM Logging

    I'm looking for something to log my IM's so I can look back and refer to them... Since I get help from my friends, it'd be nice not to use GoogleDesktop or hit the "File --> Save" everytime I want to record them... Does anyone know of anything that isn't spyware that can record my IM's? Thanks! :)
  11. SLNT_FIR

    How do I know whether or not I have sinned?

    basically it bottoms down to this, in one of the youthgroups that i attend (also trying to switch into the church), if it could make someone stumble (we have a joke about literally), if its questionable, don't wear it. but as in means of other things, if it comes between you and God, during...
  12. SLNT_FIR

    ps3 PRICE CUT!

    I think I might simply stop by Japan when I fly to HK. =)
  13. SLNT_FIR

    server IP?

    i've been playing it up on City of Refuge clan's wc3 server... extremely fun. :D their website, just google City of Refuge. (there's lots of CoR clans around tho, bware, so look at City of refuge. _
  14. SLNT_FIR

    WoW Player Classes

    If you play WoW, you need to control it. Not let it control you. :D Lol, one of my friends said that except with Myspace. :p
  15. SLNT_FIR

    How can I post as much as C$?

    yea... i haven't posted in a long time. and now the end of summer. lol.
  16. SLNT_FIR

    So funny.......

    I don't get it.
  17. SLNT_FIR

    What does your dock look like?

    katana, what kind of os are you using, mac? is there a small plugin i could use to use this in windows xp? XD windows is bad. i know. i don't want something that will plugup my bootup time tho.
  18. SLNT_FIR


    wow. that's nice. getting people curious. nice advertisement.
  19. SLNT_FIR


    scales.... ew. gaaah! i don't want to play notes. i'm already getting chords down. time to go check it out. know any particularly EXCEPTIONAL sites for fingerings?
  20. SLNT_FIR


    I'm starting to learn guitar now! :) Acoustic Guitar. Since, I'm borrowing my guitar, I just have a quick question, the black part beneath the strings, is that meant for PROTECTION against scratching, or are you SUPPOSED to pretty much hit it everytime because of strumming or what? AAAND ANY...