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    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passed away Saturday (7/11) at age 55

    My friend Thew and I discussed that on our radio show earlier this week! *WWARNING* I have a problem controlling my mouth from time to time, and I let the "a" word slip once near the end of the episode! This is one of the...
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    Gamer Gate: Why aren't Christians more involved?

    You know, I completely agree with the sentiments you've all shared, and would be happy to leave it at that however there is a big "but" attached to it. Youtube and other social media sites are absolutely littered with videos like this Feminism, taking STUPIDITY to the next level...
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    Gamer Gate: Why aren't Christians more involved?

    About 9 months ago, things really hit the fan in terms of gaming and the gaming media. I'm sure by now everyone has heard of gamer gate, and the backlash against gaming media and their egregious lack of ethics. My question though is simple. Why as Christians do we sit on the sidelines? I've seen...
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    Yes, that is exactly correct! The National Association of Christian Ministers! I'm currently slamming away on Destiny (ps3) with my son. He gets to be more of a gamer than I do at the moment! :P Can't wait for the new DLC in September! Eventually (when I'm not so poor XD) I'll get a ps4! I've...
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    Dragons? Are they of the devil?

    I did a quick look in my Vines dictionary, and the word "drakon" is the only word that comes up. It denotes a mythical monster, a dragon; also a large serpent, so called because of its keen power of sight (from a root derk-, signifying "to see") and 12 times in Revelation it's used of the Devil...
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    Hello all, and God bless! New to the forum, but a gamer from the early days of the NES! :P I'm a husband and father of 1, an ordained minister through the NACM, and I'm glad to meet you all! :)
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    I'm writing a book!

    I know this is a bit old (1 year! Yikes!) But did you finish your writing? I ask as a fellow aspiring writer in the fantasy genre, and I know sometimes it's aggravating trying to find the time to write! :)