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  1. Keero

    DON'T purchase Mortal Kombat X until you read this.

    Picked it up for PS4, loving it a lot. :D
  2. Keero

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Got a PS4, playing a lot of Destiny (with one of my bros), Resogun, and Tomb Raider. Gonna hop into Wolfenstien and AC4 Black Flag in about a week.
  3. Keero

    Family Prayers Please

    That's rough, man. I'll be praying.
  4. Keero

    Application and Introduction

    Hey guys! I just recently subbed to the game, looking for some invites in the next few days. Usually play everyday with my two brothers, 5 PM PST to 4 AM PST... Yay for school break! Looking forward to playing with you all! ^__^ IGN: Keero (DPS/Main) Jereko (Healer) Jun'ia (Tank)
  5. Keero

    What MMO are you in? July-August 2014 Poll

    The RP server you guys are on, and yeah. Just never got around to applying. (Started a few days ago.)
  6. Keero

    [Request] Safe return to America on 8/11

    Made it back just fine despite having 12 hours of layovers. Korean Air rocks by the way. And I'd like that, Tek. :p
  7. Keero

    What MMO are you in? July-August 2014 Poll

    Gator, Grey and I are playing SWTOR again~
  8. Keero

    [Request] Safe return to America on 8/11

    Hey guys! I'm requesting a quick prayer for my flight back from Japan to America. Going through Korea and Seattle before arriving in Alaska. It's going to be about 30 hours or so, just praying for a safe trip and all. Thanks! :D
  9. Keero

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Wrapped up Final Fantasy IV last month (PSP Collection with great music and graphic update). I enjoyed it a lot for the gameplay mechanics and neat characters. Wasn't that crazy about the quick ending, but the music and writing was pretty good. The first ever FF game I beat. :D Finished FFX HD...
  10. Keero

    Going Next-Gen

    Will be looking at moving away from PC gaming. Too much of a hassle upgrading parts year after year. At the moment, considering getting a PS4 while in Japan come February, it will compliment my Vita and current PSN library. I enjoy being able to put a game in and play without having to worry...
  11. Keero

    Steam Game giveaway #2

    I'll go with 17.
  12. Keero

    Diablo: Reaper of Souls expansion

    I'll wait for the PS4 version.
  13. Keero

    Summer 2013 anime

    You guys and your long paragraphs about cartoons. So silly. :p
  14. Keero

    Steam Summer Getaway Sale (2013)

    Don't do it! How often will you play it? Dx
  15. Keero

    EVO 2013

    The KoF grandfinals were insane. Homeboy went 2-0, got overconfident. Then his opponent went 6-0, no joke! Not only did he reset the bracket, he downloaded his opponent, made him salty. So salty in fact that he THREW HIS ARCADE STICK after losing the final match. Would really recommend checking...
  16. Keero

    Steam Summer Getaway Sale (2013)

    Grey says it's a really short game, didn't feel like it was worth it even when discounted.
  17. Keero

    New version of Street Fighter 4 to be revealed at EVO 2013

    You sir need to play Injustice: Gods Among Us. Easy controls, toned down violence, and really cool characters. Try the demo. :3
  18. Keero

    Just unboxed another unusual...

    I thought you quit TF2 + buying keys awhile back?
  19. Keero

    Summer 2013 anime

    I'm liking Attack on Titan a lot. The visual style and frenetic combat is exciting to me. While I do admit there's some pacing issues half-way through the current season, I'm still excited every week to see what happens next. There's also something about the spoken Japanese that I like, just...
  20. Keero

    RIFT goes free to play on June 12th

    Grey, Gator, and I will be hopping on for sure. Neverwinter wasn't really our bag. Technician/Marksman/Bard for my main most likely. Wanna give the other SL souls a shot. Was able to get the Raptr thing from my bro, too. :D