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  1. TeeWee

    Wondering what the new patch brought?

    personally i am glad the gear trick is gone.....tired i was of being the one who did nothing but "hold gear" and with my old guild always yellin at me to "aggro here, no bring them here, no up the steps over here" whew glad i can actually FIGHT in this now!!!
  2. TeeWee

    LFG Last Day Dawns-- 4/25, 9:30 PM EST

    too whiny? just a thought...:p
  3. TeeWee

    Factions Pre-Order items (spoiler alert)

    these are the items you get...each charater u log in with gets them...
  4. TeeWee

    Happy Birthday Fellas!!

    no get me a copy for your wait i already did that... happy day of birth!!!
  5. TeeWee

    Piece of Triva

    and dont forget the "Elaine Benes" dance, apparently Seinfeld fans also
  6. TeeWee


    i get 1.21 jigawatts/ms (millisecond)
  7. TeeWee


    um err i think all have to be allied with one faction....not sure bout this, but the factions/alliances would prolly lend to having to be allied with one or the other not a schizophrenic hodpodge of faction alliances..... (just seeing how many derivatives of "ally" i could have in there...yeah!!)
  8. TeeWee


    I think the total of allies can be 10....not sure
  9. TeeWee

    darn it atown! CURSE YOU!

    (this is almost as funny as quoting Monty Python's "The Holy Grail", but that would be for another time and place)
  10. TeeWee

    darn it atown! CURSE YOU!

    Have fun storming the castle!!
  11. TeeWee

    darn it atown! CURSE YOU!

  12. TeeWee

    "LFG Hall of Heroes"

    that is like Dave Letterman only much worse!! that is funny
  13. TeeWee

    Friday Night PvP 04-07-2006

    then im in...just lemme know the build u would like me to take for me W/Mo :)
  14. TeeWee

    Friday Night PvP 04-07-2006

    ok gonna ask a really STUPID question....can PvE characters participate in PvP? I know that PvP gened characters cannot do PvE. Would like to bring Stile as he is a good W/Mo who can tank well. Just need to know the right build for him and im yours to abuse!!! Lemme know :)
  15. TeeWee

    Bible Study Prayer Requests (4/6)

    This is Stile from last night... Thanks Zanthox. My sister has the brain tumor, her name is Libby. She has been on chemo for a couple of months and the tumor is about 50% of its size when first discovered. Still no word on changin her prognisis (1 year or so to live). Will keep yall updated.
  16. TeeWee

    What does the "H" stand for, with Jesus Christ?

    google it man, google it..
  17. TeeWee

    Luxon or Kurzick, we gotta decide!

    Agreed, in viewing information about them on Guildwiki, i concur. Kurzicks are the ones we should ally with, IMO
  18. TeeWee

    Liberals need a new hobby

    guys/gals i did not intend to hijack this thread.... i just read the msnbc link, that is some slick science trying to debunk the bible again!! it makes me laugh, and think of Ps. 2
  19. TeeWee

    Game Update - April 6th

    hear hear!! who are we going to ally with as a guild...Luxon or Kurzick?
  20. TeeWee

    Liberals need a new hobby

    Yes, most recent church history, i.e. the last 125 years or so, have had the view that the book is dated at AD 90-94. However, there is a lot of credible evidence in Revelation to date it 66-68 AD. Most of church history prior to 150 years ago has believed the AD 66-68 date for Revelation. The...