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    M$ to open retail stores

    Sometimes you gotta spend money to make money? Don't forget opening those stores will create jobs too. From the carpenters building the stores to the sales people to cleaning people... Now, with a company like Microsoft though, they could've easily carried those people financially until the...
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    Ontario, Canada - Steam Group

    Hey - I've started a Steam group specifically for gamers from Ontario. I'm using it to help people find LANs or tournaments in their city and help hook up gamers that live near each other. Anyways, I don't know how many people here might be from Ontario but if you are, please join up and maybe...
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    K-LOVE/Air1 Networks podcast live

    That's awesome man - good job
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    Linux Computer Assistance

    Your distro (Distribution) would be something like Mandrake, Ubunto, Fedora Core, RedHat, Suse, Debian, CentOS... One of those possible... possibly something different :P It may have a logo splash screen when you start the computer where it would say the type of Linux instead of saying "Windows!"
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    Biggest bang for your buck in WOW

    Not related really but that is the most amazing avatar I have ever seen :) King's Quest 1... w00t!
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    Hi and Hello

    Sounds like a cool idea man. Are you aiming to get new Christians to mentor or help existing Christians with their relationship with God? Or are you planning to build relationships with people that aren't Christians and then share your faith as you game?
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    CPU Issue...

    Ah on a notebook - you can easilly find the RAM type and full instructions on line. IT's not too hard :)
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    CPU Issue...

    You actually do have 512MB of RAM but 8MB is being assigned to your internal video card. It's pretty common. I've found in general that the processor is usually not the problem. .14MHz difference is probably not as a big a deal as the video card and RAM. You could honestly probably do the...
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    Interesting Tournament

    Hey guys - I posted something similar to this in the Battlefield section (not GFC). My clan recently got sponsored by a group called PGL ( They're doing some cool things and I thought I'd just let you guys know about it in case you're interested! You can do 2v2, 3v3, whatever...
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    It's been a while since I've been on the forums but it's good to be back again. Our clan recently got a sponsorhip from a new league starting up called PGL - They have a battlefield section I thought you guys might be interested in (I'll probably post something similar in the...
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    "Dearest one in Christ..." Spam already?

    Yeah - this is pretty uncommon on this forum but common in the "world" of forums. I run my own forum and every once in a while some shmuck makes it through the system and spams like this. It's been a quite a while since I've had one from CGA though. Tek - are you able to ban by IP as well?
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    Saying Hi!

    Sorry - some forums don't like you posting about your other forum on their site :P We're in the middle of a 1.6 tourniment right now. Really cool. 12 teams registered, 4 teams cut for not showing up :P 8 teams exist now in 2 groups of 4... round robin (3 matches per team). Top 2 team will...
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    Saying Hi!

    Yeah we do - I hope this isn't against forum rules...
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    Server IP

    Like I mentioned in another post on the CGA forums, we're not a Christian clan though we do have several Christian members and a lot of quality guys. Since I didn't start this clan myself I am limited to the changes I can make. I think you've got a great mission on your hands as it's hard to...
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    Saying Hi!

    We have 2 servers running right now. <- that's our 24/7 Custom map server. Most of our members play here and our rules are more strictly enforced. <- that's our CS/DE server which is not as highly attended by our members so there's a greater chance of...
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    Server IP

    I can't seem to find your CS 1.6 server IP listed anywhere (or any of them.) Is this posted somewhere?
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    Saying Hi!

    I came across this site "accidentally" through google. I was searching for a map overview image. Anyways, I'm a born again Christian from the Toronto area and my game is CounterStrike (1.6). About 16 months ago (guess) I started playing with a clan called Zero Tolerance Killers (I used to...