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  1. astrod00d

    Thank you SoE Alliance!

    I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for the good times we've had in the alliance. Though we are parting ways, we remain brothers and sisters in Christ. Merry Christmas to all and we wish you all the best. God Bless You! -Signet of the [LION]
  2. astrod00d

    Prayer Need

    Please pray for ajmucha's (Andrew) mom. He informed me that they had to take her to the hospital a short while ago with a sharp pain in her side. They're not sure what it is yet but he said they don't think it's appendicitis. Please pray for her.
  3. astrod00d

    Spirit of Elijah/Elisha 3rd Anniversary!

    That's awesome! I'll announce this in our forum and try to get some of our members to stop by. Congratulations on three good years of Guild Wars fellowship.
  4. astrod00d

    Heaven's Royal Knights

    The co-leader of a guild named Heaven's Royal Knights posted on our forum today. He was interested in joining our alliance. I replied saying that he would have to talk to you guys about it and that I would post over here about them. Here is a link to his post...
  5. astrod00d


    Thanks guys. I'll relay the message since he's not in SOE anymore.
  6. astrod00d

    Website Updates

    May 8, 2007: -Updated the Teamspeak Info page under the user menu to reflect the new TS info.
  7. astrod00d

    2007 Get to know the guildies thread

    That's funny Dauntless. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems.
  8. astrod00d

    Weekend Event

    I sold my mini-Asura for 50k. My Ele's second birthday present was a mini-Thorn Wolf. It was pretty cool looking but I promptly sold it for 65k in the international district. It wasn't even a rare mini-pet. My Ranger should get a new pet any day now.
  9. astrod00d

    Help needed

    Make sure you have port 8767 open on your firewall. What error is it giving you?
  10. astrod00d

    New PC

    I'd recommend dual-booting XP and Vista for gaming purposes until they work out all of the bugs. I wouldn't totally convert over to Vista until Service Pack 1 comes out.
  11. astrod00d

    Hard Mode

    Sounds like a PvE farming dream to me.
  12. astrod00d

    New PC

    That's a toss-up between ATI and Nvidia. Everyone has their preference but I'd go with an Nvidia card. I've had less problems with them in the past.
  13. astrod00d

    The war in Iraq

    Thanks for stopping in Sherman! It's good to hear from you. If you ever make your way down to Fort Sam Houston, let me know and we'll do lunch. Yes, there are probably more Christians in Iraq than most people imagine. It's still dominated by the Muslim faith but there are patches of...
  14. astrod00d

    SoE/SOE 2nd Anniversary Party

    Well, my wife's flight came in early Sunday so I wasn't able to attend. She was down in Tampa for 2 weeks with the Air Force Reserves.
  15. astrod00d

    GIMP how-to?

    I've used Gimp in the past. It's a little harder to use than Photoshop but it's just about as powerful. I like it really. I mean it's hard not to like since it's free.
  16. astrod00d

    Who is Melchizedek?

    I honestly and embarrassingly have never heard of Melchizedek. I'm going to have to read up on this one. :o
  17. astrod00d

    Is Suicide The Ultimate Sin?

    I wasn't questioning your faith Rolox2. I was entertaining a hypothetical scenario where a non-Christian visits the forum and is confronted by someone he supposes is a Christian. I'm sorry that it was interpreted that way. I don't know why you posted that I was trying to take back what I...
  18. astrod00d

    Is Suicide The Ultimate Sin?

    RoloX2, I'm terribly sorry that I offended you. I was simply trying to convey my thoughts on the subject. I'm by no means saying that I am right nor am I passing judgement. I'm not saying that people who commit suicide will or even should go to hell. I'm just saying that's how I understand...
  19. astrod00d

    Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

    w00t! Welcome to the guild!
  20. astrod00d

    SoE/SOE 2nd Anniversary Party

    Tell you what, you stay for the party and I'll go on the cruise in your stead. :p Seriously though, Cozumel is beautiful. I went to Passion Island while I was there with my wife on our honeymoon. I would recommend it but you'll be with your dad lol. I'll try to make the festivities. I'm...