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    Thursday March 7, 2019

    Jeremiah 29:13 What a beautiful promise from the Lord! How amazing it is that when we seek the Lord with all our heart, we will find Him! It's not like God is saying "You might find me." He doesn't say "Okay, time to play where's God!" He says "If you seek me with your whole heart, you WILL...
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    A long journey leads to a chnage in business focus

    Having peace is truly important. Many times we go after things because we have a will to do it, but I truly believe God directs with peace. Praying all goes well.
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    Wednesday March 6, 2019

    James 1:12 So often we can let life get us down, we get upset or depressed, we allow the circumstances of our life to hold us back. Trials are sure to come, but let us be steadfast. Let us remain in the Lord, & He will be with us.
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    Tribe of Judah 19th anniversary

    We throwing a big party for 20?
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    Please pray for my wife and myself...

    Praying for y'all. God is faithful!
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    Ursen Concern

    From what I was told it wasn't health related, nor an emergency. However, one person said we should be praying for him, so please keep him in your prayers.
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    Ursen Concern

    Looks like he is without internet for the foreseeable future.
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    Ursen Concern

    I can check with some gw people and get back with y'all.
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    Starcraft Remastered!

    Would be fun, doubt I'll be picking it up though. I always was horrible at SC... oh well, I enjoyed it. :)
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    Prayin for y'all and for everyone else caught in this.
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    Feelings for Someone

    Just keep your eyes on Jesus, pray, seek Him, let Him guide it. Ask Him what if anything He's trying to teach you in this time, and trust that He wants to guide you. Praying for you brother.
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    Growing closer to God, learning more about self, and... oh yeah, God is AWESOME!

    Howdy Y'all, I'm back from Germany, and am home for a short time. I'll try to update soon more about my trip to Germany tomorrow.
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    Growing closer to God, learning more about self, and... oh yeah, God is AWESOME!

    Howdy Y'all, Been a while since I've posted here, life has been so busy these last few months. Posted another update tonight, here's the link. ‎- You can always check at to see my updates. God Bless!
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    Long Awaited update from India. ;)

    Howdy Y'all. Sorry I've been slacking so much on updating y'all on what's going on. For those who don't know, I spent 6 weeks in India January-February doing missions work. During my time there, God really did a lot of great things. There were also a lot of challenges. While in India I...
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    New Pregnancy - Praise & Prayer

    Praise God! :) Prayin for y'all.
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    Family Problems again

    Prayin for y'all.
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    Need prayer for Mother

    Prayin for y'all.