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  1. nattyg

    First UbiSoft, now Blizzard

    You're not buying the game. You're buying media (in some cases) and a license to USE the software - nothing more. A better analogy would be leasing something, as that's effectively what you're doing - it's just typical a one-time fee for a perpetual license. Even the perpetuity bit differs...
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    Things that God did not Create

    L2TransitiveLaw. This statement demonstrates a very naive understanding of physics. So let's throw out "logic" as being an argument here... Fixt. Spoken as someone who must discard what's written in the Bible to make their own lives more convenient. show a very poor...
  3. nattyg

    New Personal Undertaking

    yeah, i think that's one of the biggest killers of improvement when people try to get back in shape. if all you're doing is dieting you'll see the scale drop fairly fast at first, but if you're doing it the way you're supposed to by properly fueling yourself along with excercise there's...
  4. nattyg

    New Personal Undertaking

    Just took a peek at your blog and this. Personally, I'd focus less on weight and more on measurements, e.g. are your biceps getting bigger, your waist smaller, etc... those are generally faster indicators of muscle gain / fat loss than weight. Get a measuring tape and some calipers - I suspect...
  5. nattyg

    The Lich King must fall to Redeemed because people are better and can follow directions and not die in fires, that makes the game control them? The most we've raided is 3 nights a week - now two. My prior guild - 2 nights. Competency is the problem - not the "we're not a raid guild" mentality. The bar is set so low...
  6. nattyg

    Well...I got ranked...

    platnium...haven't played a lot of games, but it hasn't been *quite* as bad as i was expecting. 81 as of this morning
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    Getting to Know Pianoforte the MySpace Way

    context free's a way of describing a language that was originally applied to linguistics then was applied to programming languages
  8. nattyg

    Getting to Know Pianoforte the MySpace Way

    i wanted to write some cfg to comment on the previous post. i decided not to.
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    SC-II Usernames

  10. nattyg

    Finally going home...

  11. nattyg

    Food Revolution

    I'm not sure how many people have watched this show, but it's truly frightening what's going on in the public school system with regards to nutrition. I just sort of shook my head one night when they called a potato a veg. Seriously. So instead of being able to serve a great stir fry full of veg...
  12. nattyg

    Finally going home...

    and might there be a gnome priest in the making?
  13. nattyg

    Acti-Blizz restructuring, assigns new executive to Blizzard

    You're neglecting that those employees may care for the *product* that they create. Example - client I'm working at now...people have been there upwards of 10 years, but the corporate culture is downright atrocious. Why do they stay? They were proud to create something that was substantial...
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    I was thinking more like "why DKs so OP?" ...that'd get me the job, rite?
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    Lead SW Engineer, .NET
  16. nattyg


    I have an interview w/ Blizzard! w00t!
  17. nattyg

    Are we in need of Raiding Priest healers?

    not until next patch
  18. nattyg

    State to Raise Tuition Costs by 77%

    There's quite a bit of legislation that disagrees with you. Completely disagree. Children will always push boundaries and establish their own identities, however permissive parenting is not the way to do so. Again, this is what leads to people thinking they have the right to take money from...
  19. nattyg

    State to Raise Tuition Costs by 77%

    I'm not sure why it's that hard to agree with. Who controls those technologies within a household? I encourage you to go out to a mall on a weekend and look at the way teenagers are dressed. Parents have simply become far more permissive and focused on being their child's friend rather than...
  20. nattyg

    State to Raise Tuition Costs by 77%

    If you're going to cite that, you should also be aware that correlation != causation, i.e. simply having a degree doesn't mean you get a salary or that is the root cause of it. What's more common is individual motivation and that is not something government can fund. Most people get degrees for...