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  1. theapoc

    Use uTorrent? Downgrade or delete.

    Deluge would be great if it ran better. I have a fresh install of XP SP2 and it runs like poo-poo. I guess its like how all GTK+ / Python apps try to run in windows. Heres a bizzare client I came across. I had a good laugh.
  2. theapoc

    Use uTorrent? Downgrade or delete.

    I'm going to give deluge a try.
  3. theapoc

    Use uTorrent? Downgrade or delete.

    I wish I could get KTorrent in windows...
  4. theapoc

    Hi guys

    First of all, I like the look of the site, very plesent. I've been disconnected from the net since about September when I joined the Marine Corps. I made it through four months of boot camp (had to spend an extra month there for a stress fracture in my foot) then another month of combat...
  5. theapoc

    Dystopia, HL2 Modification.

    Dystopia is a cyberpunk themed total conversion of Half Life 2, created by an amature development team and released to the public for free. Dystopia places the player into tense combat situations in a high tech world spanned by computer networks. As either Punk Mercenaries or Corporate...
  6. theapoc

    GFC 1.6 is Back!

    Added. See you there.
  7. theapoc

    Google Reader very neat. Instead of browsing around to different pages, they come to you, much like email. Watch the video, the guy does his best to explain it. You can add CGA via
  8. theapoc

    Help me find website url.

    Oh no, what have I done?
  9. theapoc

    Help me find website url.

    Oops. Ok, it was and it was posted by SirThom, not Mr. Tek.
  10. theapoc

    Help me find website url.

    Mr. Tek posted in one of the "I love my wii!!!!" threads a website where you can find stuff on eBay locally. Does anyone know what that was?
  11. theapoc

    Left-handed FPS gamers: How do you do it?

    I'm left-handed, but I mouse with my right hand.
  12. theapoc

    Fun at the dentist.

    Once upon a time when I was 10, my brother accidentally threw a rock that accidentally hit me in the mouth, knocking out two of my teeth and fracturing another. Fast-forward 11 years, still having teeth problems. Today I had my front tooth pulled that has been severely infected for over two...
  13. theapoc

    Where'd your name come from?

    The very first gaming handle I used in online/multi-player gaming was Apocalypse, then I got lazy and shortened it to Apoc, then I got tired of people stealing MY name so I added 'the' to the front of it. I got the name from the comic book character Apocalypse. What a boring story... hehe.
  14. theapoc

    Wrist pain sucks.

    That is very good advice. Got Workrave installed. Thanks.
  15. theapoc

    Will you participate in Shutdown Day (March 24, 2007)

    I need to unplug. I planned on taking a 3-4 day hiatus from the computer anyway. I think this is a good idea.
  16. theapoc

    Wrist pain sucks.

    I have the symptoms of CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) in both of my wrists, more so in my left wrist then the right. I lose feeling in my hands after long sessions on the computer. Simply ignoring it has worked for me for the past few years :)
  17. theapoc

    Left Behind: Eternal Forces

    I heard it's gay. That's all.
  18. theapoc

    Mario Kart DS

    I would love to get pwned by you. I've played like 20 games and haven't won once. My FC: 317906 398413
  19. theapoc

    The "What Did you Get for Christmas 2006" Thread

    I got: - Long-sleeve shirt - Another Long-sleeve shirt - A Toboggan - A new razor - Shaving gel - $100 cash My work gave me a $140 giftcard for Wal-Mart. I used it and the $100 to buy myself a 30GIG Ipod. Gifts I gave this Christmas: - Nothing cause I'm super broke. :(
  20. theapoc

    Curious of a old action figure

    Up a pic of it. I'd like to see it!