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  1. SirThom

    SirThom, where are you?

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts -- I am alive and well, nothing is wrong. =) I just fell off the face of the earth for a bit, but I am here. =) It's been difficult trying to juggle my senior year of high school, work (at a newly-opened Panera), leading worship on Wednesday nights for...
  2. SirThom

    Best multiplayer games on Virtual Console?

    I enjoy playing Gunstar Heroes quite a bit multiplayer. Classic.
  3. SirThom

    The "What Did you Get for Christmas 2007" Thread

    Yeah, it went off-topic a few posts ago. =P
  4. SirThom

    I am legend

    I have to agree Atown and vibrokatana's reviews -- it was definitely an excellent movie. I think the Infected could've been a little creepier... they seemed to loose their "it" factor partway through, but otherwise it was really great.
  5. SirThom

    For all new members of TheForgiven ...

  6. SirThom

    The "What Did you Get for Christmas 2007" Thread

    Mmmyes! It's becoming something like a tradition now, isn't it? =) Feel free to post early gifts now... I'm assuming most of us will be receiving presents on Christmas Day, however. :)
  7. SirThom

    For all new members of TheForgiven ...

    Done. That was weird... I didn't get the e-mail notification until today that this thread was updated... =/
  8. SirThom

    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    I have it and think it's awesome. We should play sometime! =)
  9. SirThom

    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    The game is really quite impressive. Can't wait for the full game!
  10. SirThom

    How Great is our God -- Laminin

    Awesome stuff... I love it. I just ordered two of Giglio's DVDs off of the Passion website... can't wait for them to arrive! =)
  11. SirThom

    Should Tek write a Netiquette guide?

    *points to her post count* She's been around. Quiet one, perhaps, but she's here. =)
  12. SirThom

    Portal beat in 18 mins

    I'd rather have my Companion Cube back. :'(
  13. SirThom

    Is Amazon a good online shop?

    The main third-party sellers you'll come across on Amazon (if you're not choosing from one of the thousands of items they stock in-house) are pretty well-established, though, like Target, Barnes & Noble/Waldenbooks, etc. Not just anyone can sell on Amazon. Unless you click "Buy New & Used"...
  14. SirThom

    Wario for Wii

    Unfortunately, it's still holding out as a pretty popular game. Finding it for $20 or less at this time (especially before Christmas) is going to be difficult.
  15. SirThom

    Calling all ordained pastors and certified counselors

    I think Cheryl (CCGR) might also be an ordained pastor, but I'm sure she's busy with her two kids (and one in the oven) and other stuff. =/
  16. SirThom

    For all new members of TheForgiven ...

  17. SirThom

    The Official: What i bought on Black Friday

    I slid on some ice heading down a bridge and tagged another car at about 5:15 in the morning on our way to a friend's house. We still went shopping.
  18. SirThom

    Free Worship MP3s?

    That's the thing... if you use the pay-for Napster service, you don't own the MP3s. They're essentially licensed to you, and you're allowed to play them on your computer and supported devices. When you get rid of Napster, the songs to back, too (that is, they won't work).
  19. SirThom


    Braveheart, your selected time overlaps with Jesus Loves You Lots' selection. Please choose another timeslot that is open so we can fill as much of the day as possible.